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Americans baffled by UK's 'sexiest accents' as one 'they've never heard of' ranks high on list

Americans baffled by UK's 'sexiest accents' as one 'they've never heard of' ranks high on list

Podcast hosts Frank Alvarez and Joe Santagato were stunned that this beloved British twang secured such a high ranking.

No matter which of the 50 states they're from, most American accents sound pretty much the same to us Brits.

So it's no wonder these pair of Yanks were left gutted that a UK accent that 'they've never heard of' ranked higher than theirs.

Frank Alvarez and Joe Santagato sat down to discuss a list of the world's most attractive accents on their podcast, The Basement Yard.

Take a look at a snippet of their chat here:

A recent survey of 1,000 Americans found that Australians apparently have the most drool worthy dialect on the planet.

While picking apart the rankings, the New York natives were understandably outraged to find out that their own twang came in last.

But it soon cheered them up to find out that the Boston accent came in at a close second for the least desirable dialects.

Frank dubbed it the 'worst in the world', before continuing to roll through the list.

Luckily for us lot on this side of the pond, the only British accent in the bottom ten was Yorkshire, which came in at number eight.

Frank described it to Joe as the 'soccer hooligan' of the UK, before making a poor attempt at trying to imitate it.

Joe Santagato and Frank Alvarez were outraged by some of the rankings.
YouTube/The Basement Yard

The podcasters then began running through the most attractive, which is where Brits really had their time to shine.

The beloved Birmingham accent was ranked at number eight, much to the surprise of the two of them - as they claimed they had never heard it.

Frank said: "Brummie? Don't know what that is."

Joe chimed in: "What the f** is Brummie? It sounds like English type of s***."

Have they never seen an episode of Peaky Blinders? Say what you want about the Brum accent, but Cillian Murphy has definitely made it hot.

Joe and Frank looked just as baffled when they moved onto number seven, which came as a win for the Welsh.

Europeans earned the next few spots, before the Irish swooped in to secure the number four slot.

The pair dissected the results of the survey taken by 1,000 Americans.
YouTube/The Basement Yard

London was then ranked the second sexiest accent, which was probably one of the only ones the lads agreed with.

"I love that," Joe said. "I do like the London accent a lot."

Frank added: "I do like London, but I think people are just confused because they think they're all smart while I've heard they're all dumb…"

The pair branded it 'nuts' to find out that the Scottish twang had managed to scoop the number two position.

But when it came down to crowning the Aussies, they both weren't too reluctant to agree.

Frank said: "It's just like a cool London."

Yeah... something like that.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/The Basement Yard

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