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The Birmingham Accent Has Been Voted As The UK's Least Trustworthy

Tom Wood

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The Birmingham Accent Has Been Voted As The UK's Least Trustworthy

The Brummie accent has been voted the least trustworthy after a survey of loads of UK accents.

While it's not clear exactly what it is about the people of Birmingham that makes them sound untrustworthy, the majority of those asked found their accent to be the least trustworthy out of quite a large list.

It seems a bit unfair to rank whether you can trust someone based on their accent - and it is - but let's take a deeper dive into some of the findings of the survey anyway.

The research was performed by a UK-based online marketplace called OnBuy.com, and they asked around 2,000 people to rank a load of different accents in terms of whether they'd trust someone who possessed such an accent.


As it transpired, just four percent of those asked said that the Birmingham accent was trustworthy, and maybe they were all from Birmingham.

Poor old Birmingham. Credit: PA
Poor old Birmingham. Credit: PA

The second least trustworthy accent was the Scouse accent, with just eight percent of people saying that they'd trust people from Liverpool.

Again, fairly harsh, but these are just the findings that the survey reports.


At the other end, it seems as if the Yorkshire accent is the one to be practising if you want to scam people, as 60 percent of those asked said that it was a trustworthy accent.

Following closely behind that on 57 percent is the good old fashioned received pronunciation (RP) accent.

If it's trustworthiness you want, head for Yorkshire. Credit: PA
If it's trustworthiness you want, head for Yorkshire. Credit: PA

Conclusive proof - as if any were needed - that a plummy and refined accent will get you a long way, whether you're telling the truth or not.


Now, there has been some more research done into that over the years, with most BBC newsreaders until fairly recent memory having to possess an RP accent in order to be believable.

Heaven forfend they ever hire a Brummie newsreader.

In third place in terms of trustworthiness is Edinburgh. The Scottish capital's accent was considered to be on the level by 52 percent of the folks who took the survey.

More than half has to be a good result.

Edinburgh came third. Credit: PA
Edinburgh came third. Credit: PA

A spokesman for OnBuy.com, said: "The UK is known for its rich array of regional accents and dialects.

"But does the way someone sounds have any correlation with our snap judgments towards them in the workplace and social settings?"

Here's the full list, in case you want to check where your accent ranks:


Yorkshire (60%)

Received Pronunciation (57%)

Edinburgh - Scottish (52%)

Welsh (48%)

Newcastle (Geordie) (40%)

Bolton (Boltonian) (38%)

Northern Irish (30%)

West Country - Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Gloucester (27%)

Manchester (Mancunian) (25%)

Essex (22%)

Glaswegian (20%)

Cockney (17%)

East Anglian - Norfolk, Suffolk (10%)

Liverpool (Scouse) (8%)

Birmingham (Brummie) (4%)

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Tom Wood
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