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Mystery memorial plaque calling out cheating husband sparks Banksy debate

Mystery memorial plaque calling out cheating husband sparks Banksy debate

People reckon the bizarre bench in Bristol has got Banksy written all over it

Most memorials pay tribute to someone gone too soon with a sweet message about the mark they left on the world - so for this two-timer, it was only fitting that his wife focused it on his extra-marital affair.

People have been left stunned by the snarling message that has been engraved on a plaque which hangs on a wooden bench in Bristol, which calls out an alleged love rat by the name of Roger.

Although it seems like the work of a woman scorned, residents suspect another high-profile local might have been behind it - and well, they do have a bit of a reputation for pulling this kind of stunt.

Street artist Banksy is getting some of the blame for the mystery memorial which claims a bloke called Roger was unfaithful and that, despite his efforts to conceal it, his other half knew about his fling all along.

The elusive spray painter confirmed a bright green mural strategically placed behind the bare husk of a tree in North London was his work on Monday, so people reckon he might be getting well and truly back in the swing of things for 2024.

Rumours are now swirling that Banksy could be in the midst of producing a string of pieces following a theme of betrayal around his beloved hometown.

Right, own up - who broke Banksy's heart?

The memorial bench plaque is engraved with quite an unusual message.
Tom Wren/SWNS

The bizarre bench saga first began on Friday, when observant passersby noticed that what appeared to be a typical memorial tribute on Royal York Crescent in Clifton had a bit more to it.

The metal plaque which is screwed into the centre of it reads: "For My Love. 06.09.69 – 25.12.23."

Okay, pretty standard stuff - but underneath that, it continues: "Husband, Father, Adulterer. Yes, Roger, I knew."

Although it looks a little weathered, the bench is in decent condition and the plaque is pretty shiny, so people reckon that it must have been installed there recently.

According to reports, it appeared 'overnight' and was placed there under the 'cover of darkness'.

The 63-year-old woman who first spotted the peculiar plaque, which has since become a hotspot for Banksy fans, said: "I have to say, I found it very funny when I saw it. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

People reckon Banksy might be behind the plaque calling out a cheat named Roger.
Tom Wren/SWNS

As the debate around who was behind it continues, people have raised some doubts about the authenticity of it - and whether Roger ever even existed.

If you take a closer look, you might clock that the supposedly late 54-year-old's birth date could be shortened to 6/9/69, and we all know what that means.

The fact Roger allegedly passed away on Christmas Day 2023 also hasn't sat well with people for some reason.

But others believe the mocking memorial bench has got Banksy written all over it, especially due to its close proximity to his 'Well Hung Lover' mural.

The graffiti, which first appeared in 2006, shows a woman in lingerie looking out of the window next to her furious-looking husband, while her naked - and apparently well endowed - lover hangs from the windowsill.

Rachel Weaver-Tooley has a balcony flat which overlooks the bench and said she is a bit skeptical about if Roger is real.

It is close to the elusive spray painter's 'Well Hung Lover' piece in Bristol.
GEOFF CADDICK/AFP via Getty Images

She told The Guardian: "Revenge is a dish best served cold...and in a brass plate. But look at the numbers in the dates, 69 69. Come on! I think it is Banksy."

Her neighbour Jason Smith, 53, suggested that it could be the work of a lesser-known artist.

He added: "There are loads of quite eccentric people here. There are lots of novelists and artists, with time on their hands.

"I think it is someone living along here who wants to get people talking and laughing."

Although it isn't his usual spray painted stamp, it wouldn't be Banksy's first venture into more unconventional pieces - as I'm sure we all remember his 'Love is in the Bin' project where his £1million painting shredded after it was auctioned off.

What do you reckon?

Featured Image Credit: Tom Wren/SWNS

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