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'Britain's most tattooed woman' shares what she looked like before ink

'Britain's most tattooed woman' shares what she looked like before ink

Becky Holt has spend around £35,000 covering herself in tattoos

Becky Holt is said to be ‘Britain’s most tattooed woman’ and as you’d expect from that title, she’s literally inked from head to toe.

The 36-year-old from Cheshire has spent around £35,000 on her body art, with pieces on her face, back, and even armpits.

Becky has previously confessed to being mistaken as a gang member due to her tats, although she’s very proud of the way she looks.

She previously opened up to The Sun about the judgement and negativity she receives, revealing her tattoos sometimes seem to lead to her being refused entry to places.

"I have found that I'm rejected [from] places as well. Usually places abroad," Becky said. "I was in Turkey recently and my friend and I walked to a bar.

Becky is said to be Britain's most tattooed woman.

"We both have face tattoos and the place was empty but he said it was full and we couldn't come in.

"I've been to Texas and New York and rejected in places too. They think it's gang-related but it's not very often that happens."

But despite some negativity, Becky has plenty of fans who can’t get enough of her tats.

With over 150,000 followers on Instagram, fans flood her snaps with praise and one recent post shows what she looked like being completely inked.

Writing ‘Can you believe that’s little ol me’, Becky shared a then-and-now comparison.

She looks completely different in the picture with hardly any tattoos – there’s only three visible pieces.

Here's the before.

Plus, she sports a very short, bright red hairstyle which is totally unlike her long blonde hair nowadays.

And fans couldn’t believe it’s her in both pictures, writing: “That is never you haha. Look amazing on both but now you is defo my fave.”

Another says: “Wow you look like a different person you look amazing now love the tattoos and the blonde hair suits you loads.”

Becky looks totally different nowadays.

Someone else joked: “There’s something different about you but I just can’t put my finger on it.”

Others say Becky looks ‘beautiful’ in both images.

Previously speaking to GB News, the tatted-up woman said: “I get quite a lot of backlash online. My followers think they're unreal but I get trolling.

"People tell me I've gone too far but it's my body. It's my life - I've made these choices. It doesn't bother me that you don't have tattoos, so why does it bother you that I do?"

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@becky_holt_bolt

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