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People warned about what to do if bed bugs get on your clothes

People warned about what to do if bed bugs get on your clothes

There is still hope for your favourite clothes that may have been infested by the blood sucking critters.

The army of bed bugs plaguing Paris seem to fancy checking out some other countries too - including the UK.

We've all seen the skin crawling videos of the blood sucking critters swarming trains, buses and even suitcases.

Reports of the insect epidemic reaching London have left Brits feeling more than uneasy when using public transport.

Let's face it, who wants to fork out for a pricey fumigation in this current climate?

Bed bugs will hitch a ride on your many layers of clothing to your warm and cosy house to escape the winter freeze.

If they weren't such a nightmare, you would almost feel sorry for the poor insects looking for a new pad to wreak havoc on.

But if you accidentally welcome the pests inside your home, its important to know the strict protocol to follow to stop the spread.

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of.
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First, deal with your contaminated clothing as well as any other infested items such as bedding.

Although you may think your favourite top is ruined after you spot a bed bug running across it, there is still hope for it.

Some experts recommend organising your washing into separate sealed bags to stop the invaders infiltrating another room.

You can then tip your tarnished laundry straight into the washing machine to minimise the risk.

Turn the temperature right up when you've finally organised your clobber, as extreme temperatures are a bed bug's Achilles heel.

Washing your clothes and bedding at a high heat should kill off any of the critters, as well as any eggs they may have laid.

To try and completely eliminate the bed bugs infestation, you can then transfer your freshly laundered clothes to the dryer for another blast of heat.

There is still hope for your favourite clothes that may have been infested.
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It's recommended to do this process twice to ensure there are no blood suckers still clinging onto your clothes.

Remember to avoid returning your clean garments to a potentially infested area, as the bed bugs will crawl straight back on them.

Getting them out of your bedroom is another problem entirely - and may require the help of professionals.

But that could end up quite an expensive process - with the average price for a callout and inspection in the UK on Checkatrade costing around £60.

There is an estimated dry steaming cost of £65 per additional room, and - again, on average – a chemical treatment cost will be £40 per room.

Then, if you need a full heat and insecticide treatment you’re looking at £1,000.

It's certainly cheaper to do a nightly bed bug debrief on the doorstep rather than heading straight indoors.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images

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