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How to check if bed bugs are in your carpet as infestation hits the UK

How to check if bed bugs are in your carpet as infestation hits the UK

Taking off and nuking the entire site from orbit is not a viable option

Where once the message 'sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite' was just something parents said to kids for a rhyme, now it has become a very real possibility.

Experts say an infestation of bed bugs has already hit the UK after the blood-sucking little b**tards were spotted swarming in Paris.

The disgusting little insects absolutely love to make a home out of your warm cosy bed and then crawl out at night to eat you alive.

Just as they took over Paris so too have bedbugs likely swarmed across London and from there they'll continue to spread their evil ways.

Bed bugs are hard to spot and harder still to shift, if you can see them it's likely a sign that there are plenty more lurking around your home.

Disgusting blood-sucking little f**kers. Find them, kill them, get rid of them completely.
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While usually found in the mattress of your bed they can also make a home in your carpet as well.

Getting rid of them as soon as possible is vital so you can reduce their numbers before they lay eggs and their numbers grow further.

While adult bed bugs are a reddish-brown colour the younger creepy crawlies are harder to spot and thus the scale of infestation can sometimes be difficult to see.

If you think you see signs of them in your carpet then a magnifying glass or a camera zoom will help you have a closer look, the adults are about the size of apple pips so you'll want to be sure of what you're seeing.

Putting double sided carpet tape around furniture can help trap some of them to clue you in on whether they're crawling around your home, while the bugs have dark droppings and can leave stains over time.

"Not today bed bugs, these ankles will remain un-chomped by the likes of you!"
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As for getting rid of the little s***s, keeping your house as clean as possible is vital so that means washing your sheets regularly and making sure the place is tidy.

Bed bugs hide in the little nooks and crannies of your home so scouring out these places will help uncover them.

Dislodging those buried in more deeply may require hiring a professional as a simple cleaning job will only do so much.

After identifying the rooms in which they hide clear them out and spray the place down with bed bug killer spray which you can buy off the shelf.

Wash your clothes and anything else in the affected rooms which could be washed to kill as many of the bugs and destroy their eggs.

Then spread your carpet with a diatomaceous earth powder which will kill bed bugs on contact when they come out to feed, though you'll need to use it for up to four weeks to get the bugs and those in unhatched eggs.

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