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'Best UK city for cheap night' has just 21,000 residents and full of hidden gems

'Best UK city for cheap night' has just 21,000 residents and full of hidden gems

The city might be small but its nights out are mighty

Ugh, that crushing feeling when you take one for the team and order the first round at the pub, only to find out it's twice the price you thought it would be.

With the average price of a pint in the UK at a mega £4.47 according to the Office for National Statistics, it’s seeming to get harder and harder to have a cheap night out.

But the best city in the country for a cheap night could be the answer to your problems this winter – it just might not be the easiest for all of us to get to.

With a population of only 21,000 people, the popular spot is packed with hidden gems.

Plus, not only is the cost of a pint below the national average, it’s also been given the highest safety score in the UK.

The ‘Great Little City’ will also make the journey worthwhile as it’s also a hotspot for day trips and holidays, giving you plenty of ways to nurse that hangover after a big night out.

No one wants to be bankrupted by beer.
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Found in Cornwall, it’s been ranked as the most affordable city for a night out in the UK this Christmas.

Ok, enough banging on, the top spot on ranking of cities is the lovely cathedral city of Truro.

The online casino conducted the study using data on the number of bars, clubs and pubs, the average cost of a pint, the average cost of a takeaway and safety scores for UK cities.

A spokesperson for told Daily Star: “Truro is the best, cheapest and safest UK city for a night out, according to this new analysis."

Truro has a decent safety score of 83/100 for walking alone at night – which can unfortunately be a worry for many in a lot of cities.

The little cathedral city of Truro ranked top of the list.
ianwool/Getty Images

The county town in Cornwall also reportedly has a whopping 196 pubs per 100,000 people with the average price of a pint sitting pretty at £4.

Plenty of the pubs stock local Cornish beers, there’s spots with gorgeous rural views, a bit of history with the White Hart (the city’s oldest pub from at least the 1750s) and places with live music.

Of course, if you’re wanting to go out out, there’s the only ‘proper’ nightclub in the city, The Office which plays music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and the ‘top chart hits of the day’.

Oh, and if you’re really stuck in your ways, don’t fear, Truro also has a Wetherspoon.

Either way, it could be a good excuse for a little getaway with your mates for a cheaper pint, or three.

Featured Image Credit: ianwool/Getty Images/Getty Stock Images

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