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Doctor gives warning over the hangover symptoms to worry about and when to seek medical attention

Doctor gives warning over the hangover symptoms to worry about and when to seek medical attention

A medical expert has outlined the two things you should look out for after drinking alcohol.

A doctor has explained when we should seek medical attention if we're suffering from a particularly grin hangover.

Yep, there are some hangover symptoms that can't be dealt with via a lie down and Netflix binge apparently.

After a big night on the booze, many of us are guilty of nursing a hangover the next day while vowing to never drink again.

But when the opportunity to live large swings around again? Well, we often forget all about the nausea, headaches and fatigue that drinking alcohol can cause, and the vicious cycle continues.

While some people may have subdued hangover symptoms, others will find themselves suffering from severe vomiting and find themselves becoming dehydrated.

Dr Joshua Berkowitz, a medical director at IVBOOST UK, recently spoke to The Sun about severe hangovers and what to do if your health begins to deteriorate.

He said: “Alcohol is toxic and irritating to the stomach lining which enhances nausea and vomiting.

“To add to your misery, alcohol is metabolised to an acetaldehyde which is very toxic to the liver and brain and results in a severe, pounding headache - another of the hallmarks of a severe hangover.”

While some may be able to tolerate small amounts of alcohol at one time, many can ‘teach’ their liver and brain to tolerate increasing amounts of drink.

A doctor has warned about severe dehydration caused by excessive alcohol consumption.
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Dr Berkowitz continued: “The body and the different organs will produce ever-increasing amounts of the required enzymes to cope with the increasing amounts of alcohol consumed.

“However, this supposed ‘tolerance’ causes damage to various organs, particularly the brain and the liver."

The expert also said that if you are suffering from a severe hangover, and find yourself profusely sweating or suffering from diarrhoea, you may be best seeing a doctor.

Dr Berkowitz explained: “Severe dehydration is a symptom to watch out for as it can impair your judgement, balance, cognitive function and metabolism.

The medical expert recommends you ring 999 if you haven't urinated for 10 hours.

“You should seek medical attention if you note that you have not passed any urine in the previous 10 hours or if you have blood in your vomit or loose stools.”

The expert advised that you avoid excessive caffeine consumption after a big night, as this can reportedly worsen your already dehydrated state.

“Keep fluid levels high throughout the day. Drink even when you’re not thirsty and supplement your fluids and diet with electrolytes,” he explained.

The medical practitioner added that to avoid potential hospitalisation in the future, you should avoid drinking ‘strong concentrated drinks’ such as whisky, tequila, cognac and bourbon.

These spirits are more likely to cause a severe hangover due to containing high levels of toxic chemicals called Congeners.

“Avoid drinking too many cocktails as these are very sugary and disguise their toxic potential as we tend to gulp them down far too fast,” he added.

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