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Fears UK Bigfoot stalking national park with huge clue creature 'cannot be human'

Fears UK Bigfoot stalking national park with huge clue creature 'cannot be human'

It seems this isn't some kind of April Fool's

There are fears that there’s a Bigfoot stalking a national park in the UK.

Yep, you read that right. Bigfoot in the UK. And this isn’t some April Fool’s trick.

For those of you who have somehow never heard of one, it’s also known as Sasquatch, and is a huge, hairy, human-like creature usually believed to exist in the US and Canada.

Technically, it’s said Bigfoot is just some mythical creature but there are plenty of people out there that really believe it is real. And obviously, each to their own.

Believers are now fearing there’s one roaming around South Downs national park.

Locals claim they’ve heard a ‘growling’ creature that wanders round the area and escapes down a ‘dangerous’ slope. Plus, there’s apparently a huge clue whatever it is ‘cannot be human’.

South Downs national park.
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There’s a large group of people who dedicate some of their time to this kind of thing, with many on the ‘Cryptid and Paranormal Investigations’ group on Facebook.

Here, users say they’ve had numerous close calls with the spooky creature and some fishermen claim they ended up instantly leaving the area when they felt its presence.

The Daily Star reports a user claimed: “I felt incredibly on edge and it was a feeling I can honestly say I had never experienced before or since. It really was as if something was watching me and I was not welcome.”

While another said they were fishing on the banks when they encountered ‘something large running on what I think was two legs on the opposite bank in the darkness’.

Could there be a Bigfoot in the UK?
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And things got creepier for them as they added: “I was dozing on my chair next to the rods when I was woken by a loud growl from the opposite bank.”

So, why do they think it must be some kind of animal or creature?

Because they both added that when the mysterious thing got off, it went from such a steep incline ‘no human’ would dare to tackle without risk of seriously getting hurt.

“I think though the most standout thing is the terrain being covered in the dark, it sounds dangerous enough to attempt in the daylight let alone in the dark! When you can’t see any obvious signs of torchlight, that’s the really scary part because no human could do it without suffering injury,” one added.

LADbible has contacted National Parks to see if it has anything to say on this 'mysterious creature'.

Featured Image Credit: Slawek Staszczuk/Loop Images/Universal Images Group/Getty Images/Getty Stock Images

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