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Son of 'Britain's most evil parent' says there's still one thing he doesn't understand about mother's abuse

Son of 'Britain's most evil parent' says there's still one thing he doesn't understand about mother's abuse

Christopher Spry bravely opened up about the horrific childhood he suffered at the hands of Eunice Spry

Warning: This article contains descriptions of child abuse that some people may find disturbing

The foster son of a woman dubbed 'Britain's most evil parent' has told how there is still one thing that he can't get his head around all these years later.

Christopher Spry's childhood was dictated by torture, starvation and neglect at the hands of Eunice Spry, who horrifically subjected him and his siblings to brutal daily beatings as well as sadistic punishments.

She took him and his little sister, Alloma, in when he was around three-years-old, as their parents couldn't look after them as they were grappling with substance abuse.

Christopher explained that Spry was regarded as a 'bit of a hero' in the local community and was 'well regarded' by residents in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, so he was initially optimistic about being placed into her care.

However, that feeling of hope didn't last for long - as the abuse survivor previously told LADbible: "It got kind of messed up really quickly." Take a look at this:

Christopher explained that Spry, a strict Jehovah's Witness, soon began to start inflicting heinous punishments on him and his siblings as she 'thought they were sinning all the time'.

"She would be quoting scriptures to try and point out everything we were doing was a sin," he said.

Spry's sickening methods of discipline included nearly drowning him in freezing cold water, force-feeding him washing up liquid, being made to eat his own vomit and battering him with various objects.

Some of Christopher's worst memories include 'getting hit round the back of the head with an iron bar and blacking out and coming round minutes later'.

Speaking of how he and his siblings coped, he said: "It was like being at war and trying to keep each other going and doing life-saving care. All while still trying to be kids."

Christopher continued: "Probably within the course of a month, we went from having very basic Jehovah's Witness-style discipline to torture very quickly. And this torture ranged from being forced to stay up all night, not allowed to sleep.

Christopher bravely opened up about the horrific abuse he suffered as a child in foster care. (YouTube/LADbibleTV)
Christopher bravely opened up about the horrific abuse he suffered as a child in foster care. (YouTube/LADbibleTV)

"Daily beatings and forcing us to tell on each other," he said. "If one of us fell asleep, we would have to wake Eunice up and she would punish us, or we'd keep a tally and she'd punish us the next morning.

"Or walking up and down stairs for hours on end. Kind of messed-up stuff."

Despite all of the harrowing mental scars Christopher has to this day, there is one aspect of Spry's abuse which he still just cannot comprehend - her forcing him and the other children to watch a man die.

After hauling all of the kids out of school when teachers started to raise alarm bells about their condition, the monster mother moved to a farmhouse - which later became known as 'the torture house' - with them in 1996.

Christopher told LADbible: "An old guy called John Drake owned it, and Eunice befriended him and decided to move us all in so she could take care of him. Eunice had never met this bloke before, but I think she saw gold signs.

"He was in very bad health, was having to go on oxygen, etc. And he died semi-suspiciously, because he'd been in bad health... but he'd somehow turned his oxygen off in the evening so he didn't get oxygen while he was sleeping.

He was tortured, starved and neglected alongside his siblings. (YouTube/LADbibleTV)
He was tortured, starved and neglected alongside his siblings. (YouTube/LADbibleTV)

"And I think everyone around him found that a bit weird, to be honest'.

"Eunice had decided that we should all go visit John's body, so we all paraded around John, who was just laid there dead," Christopher recalled. " To be shown that at six-years-old is, it's horrible.

"She liked to see us scared, that was evident. So I think she must have got something out of that, because yeah, why would you parade children around a dead body She must have got something out of it.

"It's just weird that his will changed a couple of days before he died and left everything to Charlotte. So suddenly Eunice is in charge of this farmhouse, she's Charlotte's mum, and all the land and all the money that went with it.

"It's just a bit weird, in my book."

During an appearance on The Dozen with Liam Tuffs podcast earlier this week, Christopher reiterated his suspicions as well as his inability to get his head around why someone would do such a thing.

He told the host: "I've got a list of 10 things that I still don't understand – the rest I can kind of see there's a there half a reason – but this is one of them. We were made to watch this old man have his last breaths.

Eunice Spry served just over seven years behind bars. (YouTube/LADbibleTV)
Eunice Spry served just over seven years behind bars. (YouTube/LADbibleTV)

"He was in the sun-room and Eunice had us all come in and by the time we'd actually got there he had just died.

"We were just made to watch him for about 20 to 25 minutes – just watch this old dead man... We’re talking minutes. He might have still even been technically alive at that point."

Heartbreakingly, Christopher said he remembered enjoying John's funeral as there was food available for him to eat.

When Spry's horror crimes were finally uncovered, she was convicted of 26 charges of child abuse against children in her care and was sentenced to 14 years in prison - with the judge saying it was the 'worst case in his 40 years practising law'.

A year later in September 2008, the High Court reduced her sentence to 12 years.

Ultimately, she was released from prison in June 2014 after serving just over seven years of her sentence.

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues and want to speak to someone in confidence regarding the welfare of a child, contact the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000, 10am-8pm Monday to Friday. If you are a child seeking advice and support, call Childline for free on 0800 1111, 24/7.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/LADbibleTV

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