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Little-known codes to look out for to get Christmas bargains for way cheaper than normal

Little-known codes to look out for to get Christmas bargains for way cheaper than normal

Here are some tricks to save money on your Christmas shop

Preparing for Christmas is something that everyone must do. From the tinsel to the tree, there’s so much to spend your hard-earned money on.

But it doesn’t have to be extortionate if you know what you’re doing.

For instance, there are some codes and coupons to look out for so you can shop for less.

Let’s see what can save you some pennies.

1. Handwritten codes

Check for handwritten codes, as they are allegedly secret messages to staff to say that they are being marked down.

For instance, if you see the code RF25, it means it’ll be reduced to £25.

2. Price about to drop

Insiders reveal that items ending in 7, 8, 4 or 1 mean they are soon going to go into clearance.

Make sure you know your dates.

3. Best before date

At Tesco you can find out when their products are about to expire by checking to see if you can see their month code.

The month of expiry starts at A, so if you want to buy something that’s close to being chucked for less, check for the month that’s closest to you.

4. Home Bargain

Home Bargains places a red star sticker on the shelf, which means that more stock is coming and to keep the shelf clear to refill.

Though, a red sticker at Tesco means that it’s a popular item that won’t be out for long!

5. Same products

Don’t waste money on bigger brands, they might be made by the same manufacturer as the budget items.

Instead, check the eight-digit product licence code next to the expiration date, which will tell you where it was made, and you can see if it matches the same as your luxury upgrade.

It will tell you where the product was made, and you can match up the origins of the ranges.

Check your codes!

6. TK Maxx

If you want a designer bargain in TK Maxx, look for a number two at the end of a product code, as this means it is a genuine designer item.

A seven, however, can tell you that the item has been locked away for the year and brought out again for the pre-Christmas sales.

7. Returns section

When going into a shop, ask staff if there is a returns section as stores can discount products if a shopper returns something they bought online which isn’t in-store.

8. Deal expiry

If you want to know when the deals are about to end in Tesco, check out the shelf label stating the loyalty card price, which shows you the date it ends written backwards.

For example, a code stating 231224 means that the deal ends on Christmas Eve.

Leave it in the basket.

9. Basket item

The Abandoned Basket Discounts are a great way to save money.

Just register for an account, wait for the offer and go in. Then place the item in your basket in the store and leave without buying it.

It’s a fool proof way to decrease the product price so you can go back in and purchase it when the price drops.

11. Codes for new customers

Sign up for every scheme in every shop you go to.The discounts and rewards really do add up.

12. Online outlet

If your shop is online only, or has very few physical stores in your area, simply buy it online. They tend to be a lot cheaper online if they don’t stock physical stores. It sounds weird but trust me.

So, what hack are you going to use this month?

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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