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Brits fuming after having turkey orders cancelled on Christmas eve

Brits fuming after having turkey orders cancelled on Christmas eve

It's looking like dinner without a bird for some Brits

The big day is finally here.

And sure, you might have gotten to open up the exact present you’d asked your family to get you or maybe you’ve been reunited with your favourite cousin for the day. But the main event is yet to begin – Christmas dinner, obviously.

Roasties, pigs in blankets, veg, gravy, Yorkshire puddings – pretty much all the roast dinner staples with added Christmas frill.

Oh, and for the majority of meat eaters in the UK, there’s of course meant to be a turkey too.

However, a load of Brits have been left fuming after their turkey orders were ‘cancelled’ just days (and even hours) before Christmas day.

Those looking to be prepared (or to avoid the absolute mayhem of stepping into the big supermarket in these mad December weeks) may have booked themselves a shopping slot.

Except, as shoppers probably know, there’s not always a guarantee what you’ve ordered will be available on the day.

And for some customers, that meant the big old bird didn’t show up.

No Turkey for some today.
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One user took to X to write: “@sainsburys cancelling my turkey crown (pre ordered on 3rd Dec ref 821005409) on Xmas eve and also the ham joint but replacing it with 4 ham slices.

“Absolutely appalling.”

Yes, instead of a whopper 900g joint of ham, the supermarket substituted it with four slices of cured cooked ham.

Not exactly a fair substitution is it?

Obviously with these substitutions, the shopper can give it back and get a refund – but they’re still not getting that desired ham or turkey.

In another nightmare, one claimed: “Imagine going to @sainsburys on Christmas Eve to pick up the turkey you ordered on 4 December, to be told your order was cancelled but they didn't send an email. Cheers Sainsbury's, kids are crying, Christmas is ruined x.”

Well, Merry Christmas.
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Another user slammed Ocado as an ‘absolute disgrace’ as they claimed: “Pre-ordered 3 months ago for Christmas Day turkey and you send us 2 tiny turkeys for 4 vs the 12 person turkey we ordered. Cancelling our account today.”

Other users shared similar nightmares to X as one user joked: “I think this is one time where you can definitely say you'll taste the difference.”

But others said they had ‘no sympathy’, as on Christmas Eve ‘you always run the risk of stores selling out before then if you leave it this late’.

Another added: “They haven't cancelled anything, they don't have any stock. It's worth being aware that online orders are picked the night before delivery, however long ago they were ordered, so you can never guarantee you'll get your order.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson told LADbible: "We are contacting the customer to investigate why this has happened and tell them how sorry we are for the inconvenience caused.”

LADbible has also contacted Ocado for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images/X/Jackosboss

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