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American chef mindblown after seeing what Brits eat at Christmas

American chef mindblown after seeing what Brits eat at Christmas

The chef has a lot to say about the UK's famous Yorkshire pudding wrap

If you've ever been to a Christmas market in the UK, it's likely you've come across the Yorkshire pudding wrap.

From beans on toast to a traditional full English breakfast, us Brits have an array of traditional foods that, while seem normal to us, might appear a bit odd to our cousins across the pond.

Here at LADBible, we've had some Hollywood stars try some of our favourite foods, and it's safe to say that Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul will be trying another Gregg's sausage roll when he's next over here.

The same can't be said for Ryan Gosling and pork pies, however.

Another British favourite that typically becomes popular around Christmas is the Yorkshire pudding wrap.

It's thought that the idea was first became popular at the famous The York Roast Co. in 2017, and it quickly became a national sensation.

And it wasn't long become the highly sought-after delicacy made its away across the country, and is now found at many Christmas markets.

Yorkshire pudding wraps are extremely popular at Christmas markets.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, a Yorkshire pudding wrap is exactly as described - a large pudding flattened and wrapped around your usual Sunday roast contents (think chicken, stuffing, gravy, and so on).

While it's extremely popular here, it's yet to become a thing over in America.

However, from the looks of this chef's reaction to it, it seems there could be a market for the wraps there.

Chef Mike Haracz has found fame on social media sharing information about McDonald's - where he used to work as a corporate chef.

While he knows a lot about McDonald's in particular, one thing he hadn't heard of was the Yorkshire pudding wrap... until now.

Mike Haracz is a former McDonald's corporate chef.

Stitching a video of someone demonstrating how the wrap is made on TikTok, Mike hailed the idea as 'crazy' - but was still quite taken with the prospect.

Speaking to LADbible about the unique festive staple, he said: "I am just learning about this now! I feel that is an inventive way to switch up a traditional Yorkshire pudding."

Mike added: "I happened to have worked at The Wentworth Club in Surrey for a couple months so I have made plenty of the traditional version."

Elsewhere in his video, the chef said he'd happily 'smash two of those in my face'.

"Those look amazing," he added.

BRB, just off to smash two Yorkshire pudding wraps in my face.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Mike Haracz

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