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Coin collector explains how you could make £127k from rare one pence piece

Coin collector explains how you could make £127k from rare one pence piece

A fortune for something that might not seem to be worth very much at first glance

Little beats the thrill of owning an item or two that turn out to be worth a small fortune.

Whether it is something you've inherited from loved ones when they pass away or an old video game from your childhood gathering dust, items you own might have more value than you realise.

And despite us becoming more of a cashless society by the day, there's value in old coins.

Some old UK coins are worth well in excess of their face value.
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Some of them are worth thousands, but there's a trick to identifying what coin is worth what.

On certain British coins, the slightest difference in markings can mean the difference between being worth its face value or a small fortune.

Over on TikTok, user @tc_parry_official has detailed four coins that could be worth well more than the numbers written on them.

One of them sold for a staggering £127,000. In the video, the TikTok writes 'you can have an early retirement if you own these four coins'.

The first coin is a two pound coin with the famous Lord Kitchener posted from the First World War on one side. On the other side is the Queen's head and it will say 'two pounds' at the bottom. But for it to be worth well more than £2 you want the words 'two pounds' to be missing.

The rare £2 coin in question.
@tc_parry_official / TikTok

Got one like this? You can expect £800 to £1,000.

The TikToker then focuses on a 50p coin from the 2012 Olympics.

The aquatics coin has lines across it, with the rare version of this one having a face on it that lines do not go through.

That tiny difference means it can sell from £2,000 to £2,500.

She then moves on to an old 2p coin that says 'new pence' along the top. If you've got one of them from 1983, expect to sell for a minimum of a grand.

The video then moves on to the big one that has sold previously for a staggering £127,000.

The coin you're after here is an old one penny piece.

In particular, it needs to be from 1933.

Some viewers couldn't believe their luck, with one saying they had five of the one pennies making their haul worth more than £600,000.

Definitely enough to enjoy retirement.

Featured Image Credit: @tc_parry_official / TikTok / Getty Stock Images

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