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Family Find Granddad's Hidden Fortune Hidden Under Attic Floorboards

Family Find Granddad's Hidden Fortune Hidden Under Attic Floorboards

Keith Willie, a metal detectorist and treasure hunter, located the metal box after an hour of searching

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

This is the moment a metal detectorist and treasure hunter discovered a box filled with cash from a family's late grandad who had hidden it so well that they couldn't find it:

Keith Willie was called in a last ditch attempt to located the box as the family wanted to sell the property - but weren't going anywhere without their dosh.

Explaining everything on his YouTube channel, RediscoverLost, Keith claimed there was over £33,000 ($46,000) worth of notes in the corner of the attic.

The 'you lost something I find it' man said: "I've been doing this over a decade and I would consider this cash box my most exciting find to date."


Asking when the grandad hid the box, someone can be heard telling Keith that it was 'a long, long time ago'. He went on: "The family was running out of time. They were wanting to sell the house for a few years but this particular rumoured treasure was stopping them to do so.

"Most of the hints and clues we had turned out to not be true. I'm constantly looking beyond the information I have, looking for small things that are slightly out of place, investigating and moving on to the next one."

As Keith was lay on his stomach in a corner of the attic room he came across something 'very interesting' - a metal box which was showing up on his endoscope camera.


He went on pull the box out from it's hiding place in around an hour of being there - something the family has been trying to do for a couple of years.

Then he hammered it open to show the contents - wads of cash and five thousand dollar bricks. Keith went on to tell the family: "These are not worth face value [$5,000], collectors are going to want these.

"There was a total of $46,000 [£33,000] in bills from the 1930s and 50s some of which were silver certificates - potentially worth significantly more than face value."

Keith goes on to advise viewers: "If you think that there's treasure buried or hidden in your house before you sell it, have a professional come out and check it to make sure you're not walking away from thousands - potentially hundreds of thousands - of dollars in hidden treasure."

You can subscribe to Keith's YouTube channel here.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/RediscoverLost

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