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New study reveals the UK driving offence which is committed most often

New study reveals the UK driving offence which is committed most often

Some of these driving offences might be things you do every day without realising

A new survey has revealed the most common driving offences in the UK, based upon people who were willing to admit to them.

Of course, none of us are perfect, and when we’re driving we might all be guilty of bending the rules of the road a bit.

It’s not great, but it’s a fact of life.

There’s a lot to remember and even more to watch out for as you’re driving, so as long as you’re being safe and attentive, maybe it’s not the biggest thing in the world.

However, how many of you would say that you could pass your driving test now, if you were asked to do so without having a load of lessons to remember what the instructors want?

What’s more, would you be able to navigate the roads without committing an actual driving offence, because there might be some things that you’re doing that you don’t even know are against the law.

With that in mind, The AA has performed a survey of 12,000 people and asked them about their driving habits with regards to some of the most common offences that are committed on the road, and they’ve helpfully compiled the results for us.

The first one might not surprise you, but some of the rest might.

Some driving offences might be things you do every day.
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As we’ve said, it will probably come as no great shock that speeding is the most commonly committed driving offences, with 55 percent of those surveyed admitting pushing the speed over the line.

It’s shockingly common, given that you could get a hefty fine for extreme cases, not to mention the fact that it’s dangerous.

Now, number two is a bit more unusual, and you’re unlikely to kill someone doing it, but did you know that swearing or making rude gestures at other motorists carries a fine of up to £1,000?

61 percent of those involved in this survey didn’t.

22 percent of people admitted to committing this offence, though.

The same number of people – although admittedly this is a rarer one – admitted that they don’t clear snow off their roof before driving, which is an offence as well.

Are you the type of person who flashes other drivers to alert them to speed traps? Because you’d better believe that is an offence as well – one that 20 percent of those surveyed admitted to.

Then, 13 percent said that they travel with an unsecured pet in their car, which is against the law of the road, too.

Some strange ones there, aren’t there?

You might be shocked to see that driving with a mobile phone isn’t in the top five of this list, and we can only assume that’s because people aren’t admitting to it.

Only eight percent of those surveyed admitted to using their phone whilst driving, whilst six percent said they failed to stop at a red light or a stop sign.

The laws - no matter what you think - are there for a reason.
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Nick Powell, AA Patrol of the Year, said: “It’s important that every driver is fully aware of the Highway Code, to ensure they keep themselves, and others, safe while on the roads.

“A lack of understanding from even one driver can impact the safety of every other vehicle, cyclist, and pedestrian they share the road with, as well as the people or pets they might have in their car.

“Motorists should take the time to refresh their knowledge of traffic rules and regulations, no matter how long they’ve been driving, and should also avoid any common mistakes, such as speeding or swearing at other motorists.

“Drivers are accountable for the safety of all their passengers too, so they need to ensure they don’t overfill the vehicle, that any pets are secured, and that every single person is wearing a seatbelt.”

Be safe out there - and remember - don't flip the bird at people while driving, no matter how much they wind you up.

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