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Heinz 'says sorry' after discontinuing hugely popular winter product

Heinz 'says sorry' after discontinuing hugely popular winter product

Bad luck if this happens to be one of your favourites

Heinz has apologised after one of its popular comfort food tins has been discontinued.

With the weather taking a wintery-turn in recent days - we might even get our first dusting of snow - it’s the ideal time to cosy up in front of Elf or Love Actually with a nice big bowl of soup.

But if your soup of choice happens to be Cream of Tomato Soup With a Kick of Chilli then I have some bad news for you, because Heinz has decided to ditch the spicy cupboard staple.

I know, I know. I’m sad, too.

One gutted fan took to X to question Heinz about the soup, writing: “Hey, @HeinzUK just heard you guys are discontinuing the Cream of Tomato soup with a hint of Chili.

“Guys, come on, it's my favourite soup. I bet you have loads in a warehouse somewhere, if it's all getting chucked can you at least send me a crate? Be a mate.”

Cream of Tomato Soup With a Kick of Chilli has been discontinued.

Heinz responded: “It’s sad when a favourite disappears, we will pass on your comments to our Team. Sorry we do not have any left.” Ouch.

However, before you become too disheartened - Heinz is still flogging Cream of Tomato Soup With a Kick of Chilli in cup-soup format - or ‘dry soup’ as Heinz describes it.

A description of the product reads: “A mugful of delicious Heinz Soup: ready in an instant.

“Meet your new go-to blend, full of tomatoey satisfaction with an assertive kick of chilli. With absolutely no artificial preservatives or colours, our delicious Cream of Tomato and Chilli dry soup comes in a convenient sachet - perfect for when you want your favourite soup, in an instant.” Or when you’re missing the old tinned kind, obviously.

Heinz’s latest tomato ketchup flavour left Brits divided.

Earlier this month, Heinz caused a bit of a stir with its - incredible sounding - pickle-flavoured tomato ketchup.

Describing the new condiment, Heinz said: “Our classic Tomato Ketchup with a delicious twist. We've added a pickle flavour to give it a sweet tanginess that will take your burger to the next level.

"But don't just save it for the burgers! It's just as tasty with sausages and toasties and transforms crusty bread and cheese into a pickly ploughman's.”

Sounds good, right? But over on the Facebook page, UK Food Finds, people weren’t quite as sure - with one woman asking: “How actually dare they?”

And someone else commenting: “I think I will pass.”

All the more for me.

Featured Image Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty/Pixabay

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