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Heinz launches new sauce flavour branded 'fundamentally wrong' leaving people divided

Heinz launches new sauce flavour branded 'fundamentally wrong' leaving people divided

Some people reckon it's a 'game changer' but not everyone is convinced

Heinz has caused a stir with its latest launch, with one shopper asking ‘how actually dare they?’ while others reckon it could be a ‘game changer’.

As we can all agree, tomato ketchup is a versatile and dependable delight - adding a little je ne sais quoi to everything from chips to toasties, some of you lot even have it on your roast dinners, but I can’t say I agree with that behaviour.

However, Heinz's new pickle-flavoured tomato ketchup is a little more divisive. Yep - I did say ‘pickle-flavoured ketchup’.

Describing the new condiment, Heinz said: “Our classic Tomato Ketchup with a delicious twist. We've added a pickle flavour to give it a sweet tanginess that will take your burger to the next level.

"But don't just save it for the burgers! It's just as tasty with sausages and toasties and transforms crusty bread and cheese into a pickly ploughman's.”

Personally, I think it sounds incredible - what’s not to like?

But over on the Facebook page, UK Food Finds, people weren’t quite as sure - with one woman asking: “How actually dare they?”

The new sauce was spotted by shoppers in Tesco.
Facebook/UK Food Finds

Another said: “I think I will pass.”

Someone else wrote simply: “Nasty.”

Another said: "Something fundamentally wrong there."

Others were on the fence, however, with someone writing: “Hmmm not too sure how I feel about this one” while another reckoned: “That'll either be insanely good or vile as f**k.”

Only one way to find out, my friend.

Meanwhile, a bunch of other (correct) people were fully on-board with the idea and couldn’t wait to get their hands on some.

“What a game changer,” wrote one pickle-lover.

A second said: “There's something about it that makes me think this would be incredible.”

Heinz’s latest tomato ketchup flavour has left Brits divided.

Thiago Rapp, Head of Heinz Comms and Brand Build at Heinz said: "At Heinz, we've been at the forefront of food innovation for more than 150 years and we're always thinking about how we can play with the unmistakable taste of our ketchup.

"We know there are lots of pickle fans out there, so it made sense to bring two of the nation’s favourite flavours, Heinz Tomato Ketchup and tangy pickle, together. "We've been hard at work perfecting the best recipe and we're sure you're going to love it. It's dill-licious.”

The new ketchup was launched earlier this month and is currently available at Tesco stores for £3.39, or £2.50 for Clubcard members.

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