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British lad has finally finished walk from UK to Ibiza after chancing a message to Wayne Lineker

British lad has finally finished walk from UK to Ibiza after chancing a message to Wayne Lineker

Henry Moores set off on his mission on 12 April

The British lad who embarked on a seemingly impossible walk from Manchester to Ibiza has helped raise thousands for charity.

Henry Moores' mountainous task to reach the party hotspot began on 12 April and has now finished on 16 June.

The plasterer, from Macclesfield, had to walk roughly a marathon a day to get to 'Linekers Bar' before England kicked off their Euro 2024 campaign.

The 21-year-old would have had to trek over 1,000 miles to complete the challenge in time for the match.

Henry Moores shared an update on Instagram today (16 June). (Instagram/@henryoscarmoores)
Henry Moores shared an update on Instagram today (16 June). (Instagram/@henryoscarmoores)

Attempting to make the journey a little less difficult though, Moores dropped O Beach Ibiza owner Wayne Lineker - who recently broke his silence after an alleged incident on holiday - a message, and he surprisingly responded, agreeing to join him for some of the walk.

Henry told LADbible: "I thought I could walk to Ibiza and get a holiday out of it while raising money for charity and meeting Wayne Lineker."

"I will definitely have enough energy when I get there because everything goes out the window when you finish something like that,” he added.

"All the fatigue and everything gets behind you, for at least one night I can put it all behind me."

The Manchester to Ibiza walk raised thousands for the Tony Hudgell Foundation, which focuses on enhancing the lives of children 'affected by physical, emotional or psychological abuse'.

The foundation centres around the story of Tony, seven, a double amputee who endured life-changing injuries at only six weeks old.

Tony continues to battle with several health conditions which require ongoing treatment.

Henry, Tony and Wayne. (Just Giving)
Henry, Tony and Wayne. (Just Giving)

Taking to social media today (16 June), Moores shared the great news: "Today's the day. I'm in Ibiza, I can't believe it.

"Emotionally, it feels a bit surreal. I've dreamed of this moment for literally months, months and months."

He revealed that a whopping £119,000 has been raised, before adding: "Thank you so much to everyone donating.

"Please keep sharing, keep commenting, keep liking, I love you all.

"And I'll see you tonight at Linekers."

Commenting on the post, one person wrote: "Congratulations my brother! Been following you since the start of the walk and I’m actually very proud of you!"

"I actually feel a bit emotional for you. Enjoy the celebrations. Hopefully the England team will make it even bigger. I wonder how you’ll fill your days now and how much you’ll miss it. You’re like the new Forrest Gump," another added.

While a third penned: "You’re incredible!!! Massive congratulations to you and unbelievable effort for the amount of money you’ve raised. What’s the next thing you’re going to do? I think you need your own TV show."

At the time of writing, the total amount raised from online donations has now increased to £121,297.

If you would like to donate to Henry 's fundraiser, you can do so here.

Featured Image Credit: @henryoscarmoores/Instagram

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