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Man who took 'one in a million photo' reassured people concerned about what happened next

Man who took 'one in a million photo' reassured people concerned about what happened next

The photo generated some concern online

A man who snapped a 'one in a million' photo has taken to social media to reassure users who were concerned about what they were seeing.

Gavin Best had been out walking at Cavehill, Belfast, and while enjoying the scenery, he decided to take a pic.

It's an impressive picture on its own merit, as it shows the glorious landscape and captures the lighting perfectly as it cascaded down onto the cliffside.

But upon further inspection, Best noticed something that took him by surprise.

The shot was taken on a bright and clear day.

Many eagle-eyed viewers spotting a man jumping on a clifftop with his arms and legs spread apart.

But what's the big deal, you might ask?

Many people familiar with the technique where people jump up in the air to take a picture.

But it seems that Best accidentally managed to pull this off from a big distance away.

It's perhaps the longest distance photo bombing in history.

Zooming in even more reveals that the person in the background is, in fact, perfectly suspended from the ground.

Talk about perfect timing, eh?

However, the shot led some people to express concern about the safety of the man in the distance.

One user tweeted: "Was he trying to jump off the cliff?!"

Another said: "Did they jump, or were they pushed?"

And someone else said: "Is that person landing or taking off?"

Admittedly, with a estimated 368m height, jumping off would be a cause for concern.

However, Best tried to reassure people that all was well at the scenic spot.

This man jumping in the air caused some concern online.
Twitter / @bestgav

He tweeted: "In response to the handful of suggestions that the person might've been jumping *off* the cliff, can I reassure you that the next couple of photos, taken moments later, showed 2 or 3 people up there."

Responding to another concerned person, he reiterated again: "Don't worry - the next couple of photos showed people up there."

I bet he didn't anticipate that response when he first uploaded the snap.

Best first shared the picture on Twitter back in 2018, writing: "Took this photo a few days ago. Just spotted something in the distance and zoomed in. How's that for coincidental timing?"

The photo was taken on top of Cavehill which Gavin described as 'quite a yomp' to get to.

All the same, it seems pretty clear that with views like that so close to the city, it would be more than worth the yomp to the top.

And indeed, as the man in the distance demonstrates, it's also worth jumping for joy about.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / @bestgav

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