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83-year-old grandma who split from 37-year-old Egyptian toyboy wishes she had listened to her family

83-year-old grandma who split from 37-year-old Egyptian toyboy wishes she had listened to her family

The pair tied the knot in 2020, but have since gone their separate ways

The 83-year-old grandmother who recently split from her 37-year-old toyboy has said she wishes she had listened to her family and friends when they warned her about the relationship.

Iris Jones hit headlines across the globe when she opened up about her love life with Egyptian toyboy Mohamed Ibriham.

Iris left This Morning viewers stunned after she casually spoke about their first night of passion together, which left her feeling ‘saddle sore’ despite getting through an 'entire tube of KY Jelly'.

The seemingly loved-up couple tied the knot in 2020 and Ibriham moved to Iris’ bungalow in Weston-super-Mare, taking a job as a security guard at Tesco.

Iris Jones hit headlines after speaking about her age gap relationship.
Facebook/Iris Jones

But despite Iris reassuring everyone that their love was the real deal, it wasn’t set to last and the pair have since gone their separate ways.

In a revealing interview with the Daily Mail, Iris said the nights of flinging KY Jelly about came to an abrupt end once they were married and Ibriham was living in the UK, mainly because she was so tired from having to look after him all day - and that she regrets ever meeting him.

She told the news outlet: "We used to have a great sex life but then it dwindled to nothing because I was always so tired from looking after him. I would do all his cooking, cleaning and tidying.

“I'm better off without him, and I wish I had listened to my family and friends but what's done is done now. I do regret meeting him and I now know that my best husband was my first husband Gwyn.

The couple got hitched in 2020.
Iris Jones/Facebook

“But now, no way, never again, once bitten twice shy as they say. I'm happy just being here on my own with my Bengal cat Mr Tibbs, he's the new love of my life. I'm glad I've got rid of Mohamed.”

Iris told the publication that she threw him out last month and that she hasn’t ‘seen or heard from him since’ and stressed that he won’t be welcome back, if he tries it.

Admitting that she may have been swayed by Ibriham’s looks, she added: “I think it was his image that I fell in love with. If he was bald and had a pot belly I doubt I would have become infatuated with him.

“I certainly don’t feel love for him at the moment, what I do feel is stupid, and I should have known better.”

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Iris Jones

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