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Police end search for missing Brit Jay Slater

Police end search for missing Brit Jay Slater

A Civil Guard spokesperson said the case would remain open

Tenerife police have announced that they have ended the search for missing Brit Jay Slater without finding the 19-year-old.

A Tenerife Civil Guard spokesperson told the BBC: "The search operation is over. Yesterday was the final day of the search."

Slater went missing almost two weeks ago (17 June) after visiting Tenerife to attend the New Rave Generation festival and his last known contact was a phone call made to a friend the morning after.

He had travelled to a home in the Masca area of Tenerife, located in the north-western part of the island, and that is the area where the search effort has been brought to an end.

The investigation remains open.

Jay Slater has still not been found. (Family Handout)
Jay Slater has still not been found. (Family Handout)

Since he went missing there has been a significant search effort made to find Slater, as earlier this week the Civil Guard appealed for volunteers for a 'massive search' to be held yesterday (29 June).

They were hoping for firefighters and experts in difficult terrain to respond.

However, the BBC reported that 'fewer than a dozen volunteers turned up' and that for this 'massive search' there were 'more journalists than rescue workers at the rendezvous point'.

They also reported that Slater's family members had been putting up missing posters of Jay.

Other people have flown to Tenerife to join the search for the Oswaldtwistle teen, though there were warnings that the area around Masca had some difficult terrain including steep, rocky areas.

Members of Slater's family, including his mum Debbie Duncan, went to Tenerife and she recently said that she would be withdrawing a portion of funds from a GoFundMe 'support the mountain rescue teams who are tirelessly searching for Jay'.

Slater has been missing for almost two weeks. (Family handout)
Slater has been missing for almost two weeks. (Family handout)

On Friday (28 June) one of Jay's friends said he'd been on a video call with the teen.

Brad Hargreaves told This Morning said he could see Jay's feet 'sliding' and heard him walk on gravel, but said they were both laughing at that point.

He said: "He was on the phone walking down a road and he’d gone over a little bit – not a big drop – but a tiny little drop and he was going down, and he said ‘I’ll ring ya back, I’ll ring ya back’ because I think someone else was ringing him.

"He didn’t seem concerned on the phone until we knew how far away he was."

LADbible have contacted the Civil Guard for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: Family Handout

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