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Jeremy Clarkson sends urgent warning to customers about his cider bottles which 'might explode'

Jeremy Clarkson sends urgent warning to customers about his cider bottles which 'might explode'

The presenter put out an urgent plea on Twitter

Jeremy Clarkson has put out a rather candid message to his fans.

Taking to Twitter, the former Top Gear host urged his followers to reach out if they had purchased some cider bottles from his farmshop.

In his tweet, the 63-year-old wrote: "F**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k.

Jeremy Clarkson put out an urgent plea on his Twitter.
Instagram/Jeremy Clarkson

"There’s been a massive cock up and as a result, there’s a very slim chance, some of our Hawkstone CIDER bottles might, there’s no easy way of saying this, explode.

"If the cap has the code L3160, open it underwater, pour it away and get in touch for a refund. [email protected]

"Really sorry about this but on the upside, the beer is fine and still delicious. As is the cider, in bottles that are unaffected. Which is almost all of them."


That's not quite what you want to happen when you get a cool refreshing bottle of cider, is it?

An exploding cider bottle would be a rather unpleasant surprise but it's not the only one that Clarkson's fans have been coming to terms with recently.

Who doesn't love a good cider on warm summer's day? Probably all of the people who ended up with one of Clarkson's exploding bottles.
Helen Cathcart / Getty Images

Many of his fans only just discovered that he was in Cars.

Clarkson provided the voice for Harv, the agent who works with Lightning McQueen, played by Owen Wilson.

Harv also makes an appearance in the Playstation 2 game Cars: Race-O-Rama.

Fans shared their reactions online as they were shocked to discover the controversial personality was behind the character's voice.

One user said: "How old were you when you found out the boss of Lightning McQueen (Harv) in the film cars was voiced by Jeremy Clarkson."

Another fan added: "Is Jeremy Clarkson Harv in cars? Wow! I never noticed that."

But, some viewers were left unhappy when they thought Harv's familiar voice had been changed.

One viewer commented: "Anyone else notice the voice of Harv in @Disney Cars has changed?! It's no longer @JeremyClarkson!"

Fans were still disgruntled to find that the Disney Plus version featured Jeremy Piven as the voice of the character.

One said: "Jeremy Clarkson will forever be a better voice of Harv than Jeremy Piven in cars."

While another chimed in: "WT* Disney+ doesn't have Jeremy Clarkson as Harv but the American version guy, I'm livid."

Another quipped: "I'm sorry but the fact that Jeremy Clarkson isn't the default voice for Harv in Cars on Disney Plus is a travesty."

Look at this way - if you do get the exploding bottle, you can watch some Pixar to cheer yourself up.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / @jeremyclarkson

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