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Lad caught joining mile high club on EasyJet flight speaks out

Lad caught joining mile high club on EasyJet flight speaks out

Piers Sawyer was caught in a rather compromising position on a flight from Luton to Ibiza last week

A lad who was caught joining the 'mile high club' on an EasyJet flight from Luton to Ibiza has spoken out for the first time.

Piers Sawyer, who has gone viral after being caught and filmed getting down and dirty with a fellow passenger in the cabin toilet, says he 'didn't even get her number'.

The 23-year-old has revealed he started drinking at 10am ahead of his flight last Thursday (September 8) and continued boozing for nine hours before their flight took off from Luton Airport at 7pm.

During the flight, Sawyer was caught on camera in a rather compromising position, in a clip which has now been viewed millions of times.

And, unfortunately, what happens on route to Ibiza doesn't stay in Ibiza, and the clip was quickly seen by his mum, Elaine Sawyer, who recognised her son while watching Loose Women.

Since then, the lad has confessed he was so drunk he can barely remember the girl's name.

"It just happened after a long day of drinking. I didn’t see the girl until we boarded," he told The Sun in an exclusive interview.

"She was sitting in front of us with her friend. She was 23 and good looking."

Piers Sawyer was caught joining the 'mile high club' with another passenger.

Things began to escalate when Sawyer's brother, Harrison, suggested they swap seats to each sit next to one of the girls and around 40 minutes into the flight, they 'just went for it'.

"There were two flight attendants by the toilets, and I’m pretty sure they saw us walk in," he continued.

In the clip, a member of the cabin crew can be seen confronting the couple, and cheers erupted up and down the plane as the door swung open and revealed the pair.

The holidaymaker continued: "Because I was so out of it, I didn’t really care but later on it hit me."

Sawyer and the woman, who hasn't been identified, parted ways at baggage reclaim, but although the traveler hoped to see his plane friend again, he failed to even get her number.

EasyJet told the group they were no longer welcome to fly with them.

After a four-day bender on the party island, the brothers and their two friends returned to the airport to be told by EasyJet staff they were no longer welcome to fly with them, forcing Sawyer to shell out £360 for he and his brother to fly to Stanstead with TUI instead.

Piers' mum has since defended his actions, saying: "Yes it’s embarrassing but I don’t think they were doing anyone any harm.

"They were all just having a good time in the airport and then this happened.

"The air steward shouldn’t have just opened the door. The whole flight was egging him on and even he was laughing."

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Featured Image Credit: X/@CallumAbroad

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