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Flight Attendant explains the secret to joining the 'mile high club'

Flight Attendant explains the secret to joining the 'mile high club'

A former flight attendant has given advice to those looking to get it on in the sky.

For years, the ‘mile high club’ has been an aspiration for many. Weird, I know. But something about getting it on while 38,000ft in the air seems to be a dream for a lot of people.

Luckily for them, one person has revealed where the 'safest place' is to join the desired club - something one cheeky EasyJet passenger tried out this week.

Marika Mikusova, a former flight attendant who worked for a luxury airline for over five years, gave an insight into her experience while on the job through her diary entries, which are displayed in her book Diary of A Flight Attendant.

In her diary, she speaks about the difficulties of working in the sky, as well as offering those secret tips to those who feel a bit frisky whilst flying and fancy giving the 'mile-high club’ a go.

According to Marika, things can get pretty hectic for cabin crew on busy flights who are trying to prepare passengers for landing.

She recalls one flight where 'half an hour before landing, we are still running up and down the cabin, collecting dirty meal trays'.

"Some passengers get so fed up with our snail's pace that they bring the trays to the galley themselves," she wrote. "And when there's nowhere else to put them, they leave them on the floor.

Marika Mikusova's book, Diary of A Flight Attendant, reveals all.

"We'd have picked them up quicker if it hadn't been for a few passengers suddenly remembering they'd like a coffee."

If it’s not trying to clean around rude passengers that’s the issue, its telling people off for trying to smoke in the bathroom.

She revealed the one time her hands were left shaking after spotting a lit cigarette in the lavatory.

"I peek into the cabin on the right, and see a puff of smoke coming from the lavatory," she writes.

"Dido [a colleague] immediately yells that she can see smoke, and lunges for the compartment with a fire extinguisher. I follow her with [colleagues] Dragana and Wilson.

A former flight attendant has revealed some secrets behind working in the air.
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"We arrive at the lavatory with four fire extinguishers and Dido literally knocks down the door.

"So much smoke pours into the cabin in a second that we can't even see each other. Inside the lavatory, there's a guy with a cigarette looking at us in disbelief.

"'Did you throw a cigarette in the trash?!' I yell at the guy, feeling my voice shake and adrenaline flooding me. I pour water into it to be sure.

"My hands are shaking and tears are welling up in my eyes."

But, for those looking to get steamy in the bathroom instead of smoking it up, Marika says that the toilet is the safest place to try and join the ‘mile high club’.

Ever thought about joining the 'mile high club'?
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"The lavatories in economy class are by far the 'safest' place to join the mile-high club," she explained. "Economy class is so vast that you can barely see the end of it. And it has several lavatories.

"It's more practical to use a lavatory that has only one door. Not the one in which the door has to 'fold' to give you enough room to even step inside.

"Us flight attendants, we like to sit and chat in the galleys. Plus, we dim the cabin lights after each service, so that's the perfect time for... well, you know.

"You're welcome, by the way."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@letuska.m / Getty Stock Photo

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