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Ryanair has brutal reaction after man proposes on flight

Ryanair has brutal reaction after man proposes on flight

That's an unusual choice of venue!

It's fair to say that the internet has seen some interesting locations for proposals.

Whether it's something low key, or opting for a full flash mob in front of someone's entire extended family, there are certainly a number of ways to propose. Personally I'm a fan of casually deciding together, then getting pizza to celebrate.

However, one man decided on a rather unusual option when he proposed to his partner.

Lee had been flying with his partner Leah and her family on a Ryanair flight when he decided to pop the question.

Of all the places, on a plane does seem to be an odd one. If they say no then you're stuck next to them for the rest of the flight. That could be very awkward indeed.

Personally, romance isn't the first thing that springs to mind on an airliner, but who am I to get in the way of love?

Lee and Leah after getting engaged.

Lee explained the unusual choice of location, saying: "We both love travelling so it made sense to do it like that seeing as it would be while doing something we love doing."

Fortunately, Lee and Leah did not have to endure a very awkward flight together, as Leah said yes.

He posted a picture of himself and his new fiancée sharing a cup of bubbly together on the flight to X (formerly known as Twitter).

It was accompanied by the caption: "Proposed to Leah on a @Ryanair flight with her family there. Luckily she said Yes!"

The happy couple tagged the infamous budget airline in the tweet, and actually got a reply.

Ryanair has garnered a reputation for its savage replies online, joking with customers about its unpopular extra charges.

And this time certainly didn't disappoint.

Ryanair's hilarious response did not disappoint.
Thierry Monasse/Getty Images

The airline quote-tweeted the photo of the newly engaged couple, but instead of congratulating them, it appeared to jokingly ask Leah if she needed help.

Ryanair wrote: "Leah, blink twice for random seat allocation."


However, as if that wan't enough to make you shrink back into your cheap blue seat, someone replied in the comments asking somewhat optimistically if the new couple had been given any champagne.


They wrote: "No free champagne for the beautiful couple?"

One guess about the reply.

Ryanair wrote: "Are you new here."

The airline also jokingly - at least I hope so - took notes for introducing a 'proposal fee'.

All that remains is to say congratulations to Lee and Leah on the engagement!

Featured Image Credit: ItsJustLeeHere/X/pexels

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