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Woman forced to renew passport after being pulled over for interrogation after plastic surgery

Woman forced to renew passport after being pulled over for interrogation after plastic surgery

Joanne Prophet, 28, has such incredible before and after results that even border staff can't believe it.

There is nothing worse than being imprisoned by the ePassport gates after a long flight because it doesn't recognise your face.

Maybe you've grown a moustache, got a new piercing, forgot to take your sunglasses off - or overhauled your entire appearance like this woman.

Joanne Prophet, 28, has repeatedly baffled border staff after failing to update her passport despite her incredible transformation. Take a look in the vid below:

Over the last ten years, she has undergone plastic surgery as well as other cosmetic tweaks to achieve her dream look.

But the beautician, from Lancashire, didn't think her travel document would need a new picture.

As a result of her misconception, Joanne says she has been 'interrogated every time I fly' as border staff can't believe she is the same woman.

This inevitably causes quite the kerfuffle when passing through airport security, especially in a foreign country.

Joanne explained she has been forced to renew her passport prematurely as pretty much every trip results in her being quizzed by officials.

The beautician barely resembles her old passport photo.

The mum-of-two shared a video to her TikTok account @joanneprophet showing off her stunning new snaps, as well as the nearly decade-old one where she looks unrecognisable.

"No wonder I keep getting stopped when I go through passport control," she laughed. "That is legit me!"

Joanne told her followers she has undergone a nose job, two boob jobs and had her teeth done in Turkey.

As well as this, she has redefined her features with chin and lip filler, fat dissolving injections and skin boosters.

The mum-of-two also added some lengthy hair extensions as well as fake eyelashes to complete her new look.

Although she looks bloody fantastic, staff at passport control have to be more cautious than complimentary.

Joanne looks unrecognisable after undergoing a number of cosmetic procedures.

Joanne's last trip to Turkey ended up with her being pulled aside by half a dozen border officials who could hardly believe that the passport belonged to her.

She explained: "I got pulled into a room for about an hour and got interrogated by about six men.

"So, obviously that was a massive concern.

"Then when I flew back to Manchester, they had to keep looking at the picture and they said you need to get this rectified."

The aesthetician said they told her 'it looks nothing like you' and could barely believe she'd made it out of the country with it.

The mum saw the funny side of the airport interrogations, but has certainly had her fill of them.

She said the snap was taken around nine years ago, before she underwent a major 'glow up' with the help of a few surgeries.

Social media users, stunned by Joanne's incredible before and after, flooded the comment section with compliments.

One said: "You went from Kim Woodburn to supermodel."

Another wrote: "Quite literally the glow up of the decade."

A third added: "How have you done this? PLEASE teach us!"

And a fourth chimed in: "Haha same thing happened to me! I got held in Cape Verde for hours."

Joanne finally took the plunge to renew her passport after growing tired of experiencing several airport scares.

Featured Image Credit: @joanneprophet/tiktok and Getty stock image

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