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Major pub chain is offering three beers for just £2 across the UK

Major pub chain is offering three beers for just £2 across the UK

The offer's only good for a few more days so you'd better hurry

With the price of a pint climbing upwards the number of places you can get a good drink without emptying your pockets is shrinking.

The cost of beer is steadily rising, and whenever there is a price cut it's often something minuscule like one pence, while the costs being piled onto pubs mean you shouldn't expect things to get much cheaper any time soon.

That being the case if you're lucky enough to live near the right pub in the UK then for the next couple of days you can get three beers for £2.

There are over 280 pubs across the UK which are part of the offer and if you want to find the nearest one to you then Greene King will let you check here.

You can get a pint of beer for £2 if you walk into the right pub.
Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The brewing company have announced a deal at a selection of their pubs which will let you get three drinks for £2.

It's their beer tasting offer and for two of your British pounds you'll get a sample paddle with three glasses filled with a third of a pint of beers for you to taste.

In the offer you'll get an equal measure of Flint Eye lager, Level Head IPA and Greene King IPA.

That's a pint in for £2 for those of you totting up the totals, you'll just have to drink it in thirds instead of all in one as you might be used to doing.

One of the pubs doing the offer is Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, which claims to be the 'oldest inn in England'.
Greene King

Of course, you'll have to think fast to take advantage of this offer as it only runs until 2 November, otherwise known as this Thursday.

Take Nottingham for example, over there five Greene King pubs in total are taking part in this deal and they are the Bell Inn on Angel Row, the Old Dog and Partridge on Lower Parliament Street, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem at Brewhouse Yard (one of several which claims to be the oldest pub in England), Via Fossa on Canal Street and the Test Match Hotel in Gordon Square.

The '£2 for three beers' offer is also good at the Bell Inn, which claims to be Nottingham's oldest Inn, which would seem to contradict another pub.
Greene King

"A change in season is when most people change their drink of choice, so what better time to try a new beer you’ve never sampled before," Greene King rep Alex Dawson said of the £2 offer for three samples of beer to taste.

"It doesn’t matter if you traditionally drink ale, or if IPA is more your thing - we’ve got something to suit everyone’s tastes this Autumn."

With plenty of pubs being part of the deal it's worth checking to see whether one is near you.

Would now be an appropriate time to remind you that there's fish guts in some pints of beer?

If you want to go to a pub that doesn't claim to be somewhere's oldest something then we might suggest The Old Dog and Partridge.
Greene King

If you've made it this far in your beer-drinking life without minding so much, then it's likely that you're absolutely fine with it even if you didn't know.

Meanwhile, if you're a Tesco customer then you can actually turn your Clubcard points into free drinks with Brewdog, with a quid off for every 50 points you have so if you can get enough points there's a free drink in it for you.

Featured Image Credit: Newscast/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

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