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Radio 1 listeners left in shock after sex tape blasted live on Greg James' morning show

Radio 1 listeners left in shock after sex tape blasted live on Greg James' morning show

Listeners were left stunned after the explicit sounds were broadcast on the airwaves.

Radio 1 is meant to be easy listening in the mornings, not sleazy listening, right?

People tuning into Greg James' breakfast show on Wednesday (21 February) morning weren't so sure after hearing some pretty obscene noises during their commutes to work.

But they weren't coming from the presenter, as he was left just as surprised by the X-rated sounds that were broadcast over the airwaves during his classic 'Cowboy Time' segment.

Have a listen to this - but beware of playing it out loud in public:

Brits who regularly tune into BBC station will already be aware that when the clock strikes 9.50am during James' morning show, he asks listeners to tell him what time it is.

The gag is that if you repeat 'ten to ten' quite quickly on repeat, it sounds like a galloping horse - hence why he dubs it 'Cowboy Time'.

It's a dose of light-hearted humour while stuck in traffic for most people, but one person seemed to reckon it also doubled as the perfect opportunity to give Radio 1 a bit of randiness on a Wednesday morning.

Initially, it seemed to be business as usual when James was chatting to a caller called Lewis, and everyone who was tuned in was expecting him to reply to the habitual question with the usual: "Ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten."

Greg James' got stung by a prankster during Cowboy Time.

But it didn't quite go to plan.

The host is heard excitedly saying: "Lewis! You're here! You're here, but I've got a question. What time is it?"

A bit of shuffling can be heard as the caller got prepared to pull the trigger on his pornographic prank, which it's safe to say we have all been stung by at one point or another.

The mischievous bloke decided to play X-rated noises of a woman moaning sexually before some people had even had their breakfast.

After realising the joke, James could be heard disappointedly sighing as he said: "Oh, okay. That's a shame, that is a shame...Do we call him again?"

Fans of the show said that the presenter 'recovered well'.
Joe Maher/Getty Images

The studio had clearly been stifling their own laughter while the erotic sounds rang out, as the presenter and his Radio 1 colleagues were then heard bursting into giggles.

Listeners said James managed to 'recover well' from the explicit prank while sharing their thoughts about the awkward moment on social media.

One wrote: "Radio 1 just got done with the sex noise!"

Another laughed: "I need to see an image of Greg James face when they got done with the porn noise live on Radio 1."

A third added: "Not @gregjames getting done like that on Cowboy Time!"

A fourth wrote: "Genuinely burst out laughing!! He recovered well though."

And a fifth added: "Well, Cowboy Time sounded a bit different today."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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