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Sniffer dogs deployed to seek out bed bugs in UK homes

Sniffer dogs deployed to seek out bed bugs in UK homes

Canines with a nose for pests are being brought in to help stop the spread of the nightmare pests.

A legion of sniffer dogs are being deployed to seek out bed bug infestations in UK homes.

As the (quite literally) skin-crawling insect epidemic continues to worsen, Brits are calling in the big guns to help put a stop to the spread.

And by big guns, we mean adorable spaniels who can sniff out the six-legged pests in seconds.

The breed is taking on the role of bloodhounds to track down bed bugs hiding in mattresses, chairs, carpets and even plug sockets.

The critters are known as hide and seek champions and can even evade detection from pest control experts.

They can survive for up to 12 months while seeking shelter in your home without needing to consume blood - so don't hold out hope the infestation will simply die off.

But according to dog expert Brian Leith, spaniels may be the unlikely saviour of the war on bed bugs.

Spaniels could be the unlikely saviour of the bed bug crisis.
Kelly Barnes/Getty Images

He told the Daily Star: "It could take someone in pest control 20 minutes to find the bed bugs, if they can find them.

"To search the whole floor of a hotel is very time-consuming for humans. My boy can sometimes find them in less than ten seconds."

Brian, of BDL Canine Services in South Lanarkshire, explained his pooch Benji has a nose for locating the pests.

The 60-year-old said his sprocker - a mix of a cocker and springer spaniel - snoops around up to five properties a day.

The pair cover properties in the north of England and Scotland, charging £150-£350 to inspect an average three-bedroom pad.

And he has every faith in canines conquering the surge in infestations sweeping the UK and Europe.

Fellow bed bug hunter Lucy Currie said her English springer spaniel Floyd 'loves' chasing down the creepy crawlies.

Canines have been brought into Paris cinemas to help track down infestations.
Remon Haazen/Getty Images

She added: "He has the stupidest expression when he finds the bed bugs. It's a game to him and then he gets the tennis ball.

"For people with bedbug infestations, though, it can be really distressing.

"There is a shame around it because they have a horrible reputation for being in dirty houses, but bed bugs don’t discriminate."

Some hotels have reportedly been roping in 'sniffer dogs' every three months to track down infestations early.

The clever pooches can be trained at several schools, such as those run by Bed Bug Foundation (BBF) and the National Association of Security Dog Users.

They certainly deserve a treat or two after a days hard work saving homeowners from a lifetime of bites!

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