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How to get free pints with your Tesco Clubcard at major UK pub chain

How to get free pints with your Tesco Clubcard at major UK pub chain

You're shopping trips could now help fund your bar tab thanks to Tesco's latest partnership.

Turns out that your Tesco Clubcard can be useful for more than just your weekly shop.

Most people know they can get trips to Alton Towers and discounts off Disney Plus - but you can also get free booze too.

That's right - the points on your loyalty card can pay for your pints at this major UK pub chain.

Tesco has launched a new partnership with BrewDog which allows Clubcard customers to save money on drinks and food.

The scheme is valid in pretty much all of BrewDog’s branches across the UK and offers a quid off for every 50 points you have.

So if you fancy supping a cool, crisp £6 pint without paying for it, it will cost you 300 of your precious points.

But the beauty of it is that you can also enjoy a half price pint if you use half that amount of points, making it easier to explain to your other half about where they've all gone.

James Watt, founder of the Scots brewery, said: "With an existing customer base of over 21 million active Clubcard members, we’re delighted to be the only restaurant partner to offer pints in return for points.

Clubcard holders can bag free pints thanks to Tesco's partnership with BrewDog.
Newscast/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

"Everyone is feeling the cost-of-living squeeze, so if we can help people with the cost of our beer where possible, you can bet your pint on it that we will."

Of course, there are terms and conditions that come along with the offer from the craft brewer.

The codes can only be used on alcoholic drinks if you’re buying food, with a maximum of two alcoholic drinks per person, so you won't be getting sloshed on your shopping points.

For example, if you wanted to order three pints with your meal, you could only redeem your points for two beverages.

You'd have to pay for the third pint - but after two freebies, I doubt you'd mind that much.

As well as this, you can use your Clubcard points for non-alcoholic drinks without any limits. Check out the full T&Cs here.

Many Brits are already signed up to Tesco's loyalty scheme, which involves you swiping when you shop to earn points.

Brits can save money while still enjoying some food and a pint.

These can be converted into vouchers to spend in store - or in BrewDog, if that’s more your thing.

Clubcards can also save you money on numerous items, including meal deals. What's not to love?

Just ask this Clubcard-loving Brit who got his tattooed on his arm.

Dean Mayhew got sick of rocking up to his local store only to realise he had left his trusty blue card at home.

Now, while some of us would just opt to download the app or attach the QR code to your keys; Mayhew went for a more permanent option, by having the code etched onto his wrist.

Speaking in March this year, he insisted he has no regrets, saying: "I still use it all the time. I love the tattoo so much.

"Sometimes when I go in there, the cashier doesn't believe it's real - I have to tell them 'just scan it please!' and they're shocked."

I'm sure even Tesco's most loyal employees would be surprised by that kind of dedication.

Featured Image Credit: Newscast/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

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