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Uber driver slams parking firm after being charged £45 for five minutes of parking

Uber driver slams parking firm after being charged £45 for five minutes of parking

The Uber driver was working in Glasgow that morning to make some money to 'pay a bill'

Driving sometimes feels so expensive. The car itself, the insurance, the petrol, the maintenance – I could go on.

But there’s also the fees you sometimes need to pay just to leave your car sitting somewhere.

And this Uber driver was left furious after having to fork out a mega charge for parking.

Christopher Gallacher was dropping off a passenger at Glasgow Airport last Saturday morning (21 October) at 9:05am before landing the hefty fee.

When exiting the National Car Parks (NCP) airport spot, he paid the required £5 as he was there for less than 15 minutes.

The 46-year-old was back again at 10:06am to drop off another Uber customer and waited there for another job which came only a few minutes later, at 10:11am.

When Gallacher then exited the airport again, he paid what he assumed would be another £5 fee.

However, the receipt was much different and much, much more expensive.

Gallacher's receipt.
Media Scotland

The Uber driver had been charged a whopping £45.

This receipt displayed that he entered the car park at 9:05am and didn’t leave until 10:15am.

However, GlasgowLive report there’s evidence Gallacher completed jobs outside of the airport between that time.

The driver told the Scottish site: “I picked up at Meadow Park street at 9.20am and got another job after that from Gordon Street, so I was nowhere near the car park. I wasn’t even in the vicinity, and they still charged me £45.

"They registered me coming in after 9am but not me leaving several minutes later. They only registered me leaving over an hour later.”

Absolutely furious at this whopping fee, he says he tried to call and complain, ringing NCP 15 times on Monday but having no answer.

Gallacher has slammed it as ‘ridiculous’ and called the parking company’s service ‘shocking’.

Glasgow Airport.
BrettCharlton/Getty Images

“I had to stop working to phone them and was on the call for 45 minutes before they finally answered and then it was some offshore number who said there was nothing they could do.”

The driver explained he was out working that Saturday to make money to ‘pay a bill’, yet ended up with £45 leaving his account.

He raged: “A car park working for our main airport should have somebody to speak to, it shouldn’t be this difficult. It ruined my whole weekend because I was so frustrated and angry.”

GlasgowLive report that NCP have since issued a refund and apologised to the Uber driver.

Since being contacted by Glasgow Live, NCP has issued a refund and apologised to Christopher.

A spokesperson told the site: "The £45 charge was wrongly attributed, and a refund has since been raised. We would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank the customer for bringing this matter to our attention."

LADbible has contacted NCP for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Supplied/Getty Stock Images

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