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‘Rip-off’ university degrees to be limited under new UK crackdown

‘Rip-off’ university degrees to be limited under new UK crackdown

The government want to stop too many students being left with low pay and high debts

There’s nothing more annoying than splashing out on something and just not getting what you thought you’d paid for - and sadly, this is something many university students and graduates will confidently argue they can relate to.

Well, now it looks like there’s going to be a crackdown on ‘rip-off’ degrees in the UK.

The Department of Education has decided that uni courses that don’t lead to good jobs, have high drop-out rates and leave young people with poor pay and yet high debts are going to be subject to some strict controls.

The government want to better protect students and taxpayers.
Mark Draisey photography/Getty Images

Under these new plans, the Office for Students is going to be asked to limit how many students unis can take onto courses that aren’t proving themselves in student outcomes.

Obviously, this isn’t just to make things better for students solely. The government wants it to be fairer for taxpayers who make a rather large investment in higher education.

As well as this crackdown on the 'rip-off' courses, the government is also going to make a huge discount elsewhere.

This crackdown will affect courses leaving students with 'poor pay and high debts'.

The maximum fee unis can charge for classroom-based foundation year courses will be cut to £5,760 from the current £9,250.

Announcing these new rules today, 17 July, Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, said: “The UK is home to some of the best universities in the world and studying for a degree can be immensely rewarding.

“But too many young people are being sold a false dream and end up doing a poor-quality course at the taxpayers’ expense that doesn’t offer the prospect of a decent job at the end of it.

“That is why we are taking action to crack down on rip-off university courses, while boosting skills training and apprenticeships provision. This will help more young people to choose the path that is right to help them reach their potential and grow our economy.”

Education Secretary Gillian Keegan added: “Students and taxpayers rightly expect value for money and a good return on the significant financial investment they make in higher education.

“These new measures will crack down on higher education providers that continue to offer poor quality courses and send a clear signal that we will not allow students to be sold a false promise.

"Wherever they choose to study, it is vital students can gain the skills needed to get great jobs and succeed – supporting the Prime Minister’s priority to grow our economy.”

The Office for Students will be asked to make sure any courses failing to deliver good earnings for students are subject to stricter controls.

No more paying for low pay... Hopefully.

Featured Image Credit: Mark Draisey photography/Nick Dolding/Getty

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