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Drivers warned over potentially life-threatening screenwash mistake people make over winter

Drivers warned over potentially life-threatening screenwash mistake people make over winter

Colder weather means icy cars, which means getting ready for work even earlier in the morning

Winter might not technically be here yet, but it’s already feeling pretty cold outside.

Now that the colder weather has kicked in, that means we need to adapt. And so do our cars.

It’s important to make sure your car is safe to drive before getting behind the wheel no matter what time of year it is but the cold weather brings extras.

Motoring expert Dick Lovett says there is one thing that drivers really need to be looking at under the bonnet that could potentially save them from getting into a dangerous situation.

We're nearing icy car weather.
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Speaking to the Mirror, he said that it's vital people are checking their washer fluid before setting off anywhere.

He said that icy temperatures drastically affect how the liquid reacts, and it could end up freezing on your windscreen if not sorted out.

"Too much water could end up freezing your windscreen washer system, as dilution ratios for winter weather are completely different from the summer," he said.

"To prevent freezing you should check the suggested dilution ratios that may be provided on the bottle, otherwise, a good rule of thumb is to ensure your solution is more concentrated during the winter period."

He also urged motorists to never use boiling water when trying to de-ice their car windows.

"Defrost your windows and windscreen correctly - using boiling water directly on the glass could cause it to crack," Lovett added.

"Instead, try heating your windscreen from the inside of the car and using a scraper, or de-icer."

Dorry Potter, an expert at National Scrap Car, explained that there are often a lot of hacks that get around on social media at this time of year, and recently said that one particular trick isn’t such a great idea.

Potter warned against it as it can cause glass to crack.

Potter urged motorists to be careful when using a well-known trick that sees people fill a ziplock bag or sandwich bag with hot or boiling water, before rubbing it over the windscreen.

Speaking to The Express, she said that this can cause ‘cracks’ in the glass, which can get worse over time.

"A hack that circulates every year is using warm water in a zip lock bag and rubbing it on the windscreen,” she said.

"Motorists are advised to be cautious when applying anything heated to their windscreen as the dramatic change in temperature can cause small cracks to appear in the glass which can cause the screen to shatter when another bout of frost arrives.”

Potter warned against another method, too, continuing: "Drivers should never use boiling water either. Similarly, homemade concoctions should be used with care too.

"Using items such as a potato or onion to clear frost could leave smears or a residue on the screen which in turn could reduce the driver’s visibility, making it just as dangerous as frost to drive.

"It may be more sensible to stick with a deicing spray instead."

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