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Car expert says overlooked dashboard warning light should terrify drivers

Car expert says overlooked dashboard warning light should terrify drivers

Mechanic Scotty Kilmer, who has been in the game for over 55 years, told drivers their ignorance could cost them

Some drivers are guilty of ignoring their car's cry for help when a warning light suddenly flashes up on their dashboard.

But there is one that you should never overlook, according to this motors expert, as it will likely come back to bite you.

Mechanic Scotty Kilmer, who has a whopping 55 years of experience, told people to 'stop driving immediately' if a certain light starts twinkling.

That's right, it's not just a colourful new accessory for your dashboard. It's a warning to get to the garage as quick as you can.

The YouTube star shared a video explaining what it means when the dreaded check engine light starts flashing on and off.

Scotty said: "When the check engine light comes on, it means there's a trouble code stored in the computer and that there's a problem.

"These problems can be big or little.

"When it flashes on and off, it means they're big enough to ruin your catalytic converter."

This crucial component helps clean up the harmful gases from the engine before they exit the exhaust pipe, reducing harmful emissions released into the air.

Catalytic converters are a legal requirement for motors in the UK.

Driving without one - or with a broken one - could result in you being slapped with a £1,000 fine.

The mechanic warned that ignoring the warning light could cost you.

Scotty told viewers to get their car checked by an expert as soon as possible if the check engine light suddenly starts flashing.

He explained that mechanics can use a scanning tool to find the source of the issue which prompted the pesky warning sign.

The motors whizz added: "Then pray it's something simple like a misfire from a bad ignition coil."

This typically costs between £50 and £150 to replace - but it's better than the alternative bill you could receive.

If you ignore the check engine light, you could find yourself having to fork out for a new catalytic converter.

This could set you back around £500 - or even worse, you may need a full engine replacement, which could cost you thousands.

He said you should head to a garage as soon as the check engine light starts flashing up.

Social media users were thankful for the word of warning and took to the comment section to express their gratitude.

Some gingerly admitted they 'thought it was normal' to see the ominous yellow glow flash up.

One said: "You always give great advice, Scotty. Thank you."

Another wrote: "Thank you for sharing your knowledge you seem like a great mechanic. I wish you were in my neighbourhood."

And a third added: "Thanks Scotty. I never got one of those in my car, I had no idea it was even a possibility."

Well, now there's no excuse for turning a blind eye to the warning sign.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Scotty Kilmer/Getty Stock Images

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