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Millions of Brits given manhood warning as 'heat dome' set to blast the UK this week

Millions of Brits given manhood warning as 'heat dome' set to blast the UK this week

Even if there's rain, hot weather often leads to a drought...

Millions of Brits have been given a manhood warning as temperatures are set to rise again this week.

Yep, the weather in the UK is finally going to feel like summer again, apparently. Well, kind of.

While the Met Office seems to be forecasting that we're set for plenty more of the pouring rain dampening our mood, it seems like something else could be more wilted than damp.

Sure, it wouldn’t be a British summer without all the rain but apparently the folks at Exacta Weather reckon we’re in for a bit of a wet bake.

Expected to warm us up for up to 10 days this July, the team alerted Brits on Facebook to prepare for ‘some sort of potential heat dome scenario’, kicking off tomorrow (9 July).

Sun's out (or not), beers out. (Getty stock)
Sun's out (or not), beers out. (Getty stock)

But whether you’re enjoying the heat here or some real hot weather abroad, experts have a warning for Bits cooling down ice-cold beers.

Apparently, it can be bad news for your manhood and lead to a bit of a drought.

Kiran Jones, a clinical pharmacist at Oxford Online Pharmacy warned people to opt for water to cool down rather than alcohol to avoid any flops.




The expert told the Daily Star: “Millions of Brits are set to travel across Europe this summer, but with temperatures in some areas set to reach a scorching 40 degrees Celsius, it’s not just vulnerable people who should be careful.

"Hot weather conditions could pose risks such as dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke to anyone not taking proper care.

Keep hydrated to avoid a flop lads. (Getty stock)
Keep hydrated to avoid a flop lads. (Getty stock)

“But did you know it can also affect you or your partner’s ability to perform in the bedroom? When dehydrated, your body reacts by producing less red blood cells and plasma needed for proper blood flow.

“It also produces increased levels of a hormone called angiotensin to compensate for low fluid levels, meaning your blood vessels will narrow to conserve fluid, reducing the amount of blood able to reach the penis, causing issues getting or maintaining an erection.

“Consider limiting your caffeine and alcohol intake as these can have diuretic effects.”

Well, even if we are supposedly getting some hot weather here, that warning might be better for those of you escaping the British rain for some pure, dry sun abroad. Keep your manhood hydrated, lads.

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