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Experts tell Brits 'exact date' they should turn their heating on

Experts tell Brits 'exact date' they should turn their heating on

Even if the weather can't seem to make it's mind up, the cold is going to come at some point

Who knows what will happen at this point, but it does seem like summer is actually over now. I mean, that statement feels like a broken record at this point.

But there's no denying it is definitely getting colder. And we all know what that means - the debate over when to turn on the heating is approaching.

There’s always that housemate who wants it on the minute they feel a cool breeze in the sunny air. And then there’s the housemate who wants you all to see your breath and shiver yourself to sleep before they’ll even think about flicking on that switch.

But some heating experts have now had their say on the exact date we should be doing it.

They’ve used Met Office data from the last five years to advise on just how long we should be waiting to whack up the heat.

The NHS advises to put your heating on to at least 18°C when temperatures outside drop below 15°C.

And heating specialists at BestHeating say that therefore, in line with Met Office data, brits can expect to be turning on the heating on 20 October. Yes, literally next week.

The cold is coming.
Justin Paget/Getty Images stock

After this date, temperatures aren’t expected to go above 15°C. But it’s worth remembering the unpredictable nature of British weather.

They say if we’re going to have warm weeks again this autumn then we might make it until 2 November until we have to turn it on.

Jess Steele, heating technology expert at BestHeating comments: “Whilst there isn’t an optimum time to switch heating on, our research shows that once temperatures are below 15°C, usually in the middle of October, it is best to turn the heating on as we feel the chill more.

"By the end of the month, even the hardiest among us will have our heating on to keep warm as temperatures are predicted to drop further.”

Jess also shared some advice for keeping bills low while turning the heating on.

They recommend trying turning it down by one degree to save some money.
SolStock/Getty Images

She said: “20.8°C is the average thermostat setting in the UK, but 18°C should keep you comfortably warm throughout the colder months. This can save up to 10% on a fuel bill or an estimated £80.

"A clever way to assess if the heating is too warm is to turn the thermostat down by one °C and see how you feel.”

The expert also advised to only heat the rooms that are being used and to not waste energy when you are not in the home.

Now it’s just up to you to decide whether to follow this advice or turn it on the second you’re having to put a hoodie on or once the entire house has fallen out over it.

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