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Wetherspoons has just made an unwanted change which customers have worried about for years

Wetherspoons has just made an unwanted change which customers have worried about for years

Wetherspoons has made an unwelcome change that has confirmed customers' worst fears

The UK's beloved Wetherspoons has made a change that has confirmed customers' worst fears.

We used to go to one of the chain's pubs for a nice cheap drink (or a few) before a night out, but it might not be as attractive anymore after the changes they have made.

For the second time in just six months, the popular pub chain has increased prices of its drinks.

In an official statement, a Wetherspoons spokesperson told The Mirror: "Most prices in Wetherspoon pubs have increased by 3.95% from Thursday, 1 February, 2024.

"Some prices have increased by less. Ruddles Bitter has increased by 1%. Bud Light lager, Stowford Press Cider and Doom Bar bitter have increased by 2%. Draught Pepsi has not increased.

"The average increase, across all bar and food products is 3%.”

That's not good news.

Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin added: “Wetherspoon, like most pub companies, has seen some big increases in costs. We believe that our prices remain competitive, even after these changes."

All our fears have been confirmed.

Wetherspoons have increased the price of their pints again.
JD Wetherspoons

Spoons customers in London should prepare for the average cost of a pint edging ever closer to the £7 mark.

A pint of Belgian Leffe costs a whopping £7.30 in the Leicester Square branch The Moon Under the Water, while a Mad Squirrel Big Sea West Coast IPA costs £7.09.

That was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor.

A standard, fan-favourite pint of Stella Artois is an insane £6.88 at the London branch, up 20p from the previous price.

Want a pint of Guinness? That'll be £6.66, please.

Low alcohol options have even increased to upwards of £4. Times really are changing.

London pubgoers will have to pay over £7 for some pints.
JD Wetherspoon

Here are some exampled from just a couple of Wetherspoons pubs in London:

Moon Under the Water (London)

Stella Artois - £6.88 (increased from £6.68)

Alcohol free Stella Artois - £4.21 (increased from £4.09)

Alcohol free Heineken - £4.21 (increased from £4.09)

Low alcohol BrewDog Punk - £4.21 (increased from £4.09)

Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime - £4.21 (increased from £4.09)

Victoria Station (London)

Leffe - £6.97 (increased from £6.77)

Corona - £6.63 (increased from £6.44)

San Miguel - £6.63 (increased from £6.44)

Stella Artois - £6.52 - (increased from £6.33)

Featured Image Credit: JD Wetherspoon / Getty Stock Photo

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