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Brit buys Wowcher mystery holiday for £99 and hits the jackpot

Brit buys Wowcher mystery holiday for £99 and hits the jackpot

She couldn't believe the deal they got for how much they paid

This British couple seem to have struck gold after paying for a Wowcher mystery holiday and getting more than they could have imagined.

For just £99 per person, Wowcher offers customers a chance of securing a dream holiday for a low price, but the magic of it is the surprise.

The lucky couple bagged a dream holiday destination.
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The selection of destinations on offer are listed on its website, with long-haul holidays to the likes of Maldives, New York, Dubai and Bali available.

City-breaks to Rome, Madrid, Lake Como and many more are an option, with beach getaways to places like Crete, Ibiza and Cyprus also a possibility.

Return flights and a three-star (or better) hotel are included in the price, with over 100 possible destinations, though this offer is only available until tomorrow (6 March).

TikTok user Ellie Rose documented her trip to her Wowcher mystery holiday destination with a video posted yesterday (4 March).

People have been left with their jaws on the floor, as the clip has accumulated almost 300k views.

The couple got very lucky with their mystery holiday destination.

For a combined total of £198, Ellie and her partner got two flights from London Gatwick to the final destination of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Not bad, eh?

Flying with JetBlue, their early morning flight to Boston took seven hours, before a five and a half hour flight to Vegas.

The first flight included in-flight entertainment and a meal, though the second flight wasn't included in the video.

After arriving in 'Sin City', Ellie revealed that they were staying in the Flamingo Hotel, which was located on the strip itself, showing off stunning views of the city's skyline from their room.

The video finishes with a quick shot of how the city looked at night from the streets and Ellie telling her followers to 'stay tuned for day two'.

She explained that they were tired after their long trip, but it's fair to say that we'd all do it if it cost less than £100 each.

Ellie and her boyfriend's final destination was Las Vegas.

She also revealed in the comments that there were no hidden fees, as one viewer asked: "Was this just £99 or did you pay extra to upgrade?"

The creator replied: "We just paid the £99 and took the chance."

Others were amazed, as someone else commented: "Omg wow! I love that!! I might have to give it a try."

And another put: "Argh we need to do this even if we get Spain or Sutton be an absolute laugh for £99."

Of course, it goes without saying that you could get any destination on the list and Vegas isn't a given.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @ellierose795

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