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Major heartbreak for man who drove 200 miles through night to rehome XL Bullys as new ban is announced

Major heartbreak for man who drove 200 miles through night to rehome XL Bullys as new ban is announced

The bloke drove around 30 XL bully dogs to be rehomed in Scotland

There’s major heartbreak in store for the bloke who drove 200 miles through the night to rehome a load of XL Bullys.

As of the start of the New Year, it’s now illegal to advertise, breed, exchange, gift and sell American XL bully dogs in England and Wales.

Those who already own the breed now have to keep them on a lead or muzzled in public, and from 1 February 2024, must apply for an exemption certificate as the breed will be banned.

In a heroic move for XL bullys out there, Sammy Wilkinson spent his New Year’s eve doing the mega drive to rehome many of the dogs in Scotland.

Collecting several groups of XL bully dogs on his way, LancsLive reported that the bloke drove from his home in the West Midlands to the Scottish border.

He managed to get about 30 dogs up there, where the law on ownership is different to in England and Wales.

However, that may be about to change.

Sammy Wilkinson transported around 30 dogs across the Scottish border.

Scottish First Minister Hamza Yousaf confirmed today (11 January) that unlicensed XL bully dogs are to be banned in the country.

Speaking at First Minister’s Questions, Yousaf said the decision to replicate the Dangerous Dogs Act will soon be taken.

This follows the large number of dogs being rehomed in Scotland.

He said: “What has become clear, I'm afraid in the last few weeks, is that we have seen a flow of XL bully dogs coming to Scotland, a number of people coming to Scotland to bring XL bully dogs here to the country.

"As such, we will give further details to members of the Scottish Parliament through a ministerial statement if the Parliamentary Bureau agrees next week.

The XL Bully has been banned.
Getty Stock Photo

"We will, in essence, replicate the legislation that is in England and Wales here in Scotland because ultimately, although we do have a very good system of dog control notice schemes, and we do take the approach of deed not breed, we have to respond to the situation as it currently stands and therefore we will do what we need to do to ensure public safety."

Earlier this week, Scotland’s Community Safety Minister Siobhan Brown advised potential owners while in parliament: “It would be preferable not to acquire any such dog at the present time in Scotland.”

She told MSPs: “The unintended consequences of the UK government policy is that we're now seeing an influx of XL bully dogs coming into Scotland.”

XL bullies were added to the Dangerous Dogs Act on 31 October 2023, and people in England Wales currently have until 31 January to apply for an exemption certificate to keep their dog.

Featured Image Credit: LancsLive/Getty Stock Images/alberto clemares expósito

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