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Someone's Lost A Massive Bag Of Dildos In Somerset

Someone's Lost A Massive Bag Of Dildos In Somerset

The stash of sex toys were left up the back passage of a Natwest in Bridgwater in Somerset...

Simon Fearn

Simon Fearn

Funny isn't it, at some point over the last few days there was someone walking around the streets of Somerset with a big paper bag full of dildos.

For whatever reason - whether it was the weight of the contents, the flimsiness of the carrier or weather conditions - the bag broke open, meaning the sex toys were strewn across the street.

The person then did what we all probably would have done under similar circumstances: they left the bag (and dildos) where they were and did a runner.

The picture was posted on a Facebook group.
Facebook/Richard Lees

According to the Metro, the selection of pink and purple sex toys were left next to a drain close to a branch of Natwest in Bridgwater, Somerset.

There are at least 10 toys in the collection - including bullets, vibrators and Rampant Rabbits.

Posting the picture to a Facebook group aptly named 'THE BRIDGWATER BULLET', the photographer explained that their location was 'behind Nat West Bank in town'.

Many people commented on the image, with some tagging their pals and others pointing out there's a 'lot of money worth there'.

One person wrote: "Damn it! I was so buzzin' to get home I dropped it!" Another commented: "Only a couple left now. I took the 2 pink Silicone ones so the rest is yours."

In Leeds things are a little less conspicuous because instead of lying around the streets, sex toys are hidden for dogs to discover - like Lucas, the nine-year-old golden retriever.

The golden retriever found a dildo in a park.

He was out for a walk with his owner Julie Maher, 52, when he disappeared into bushes, which is usual, and then returned with a sex toy... which is not.

The dog was so pleased with his new find, that he refused to drop it. Julie was left with no option but to let him bring it home.

Julie said: "Lucas and I were on our daily walk in the fields close to where we live and more often than not, he usually ends up with his head in some bushes and ends up bringing something out.

"He usually finds a tennis ball or something - we've got a massive collection of various types of balls collected by Lucas when we've been out walking!

After his owner Julie took his photo he refused to drop the dildo.

"But on this particular day, I was chatting on my mobile when I noticed that Lucas was carrying an object in his mouth.

"Concerned with what it was, I caught up with him to see and obviously when I realised his hilarious discovery I began laughing uncontrollably.

"I tried to get the vibrator out of his mouth, but he wasn't having any of it, so we just carried on walking. Luckily, after a few minutes, he dropped it, so I kicked it onto some bushes, and we continued with our walk."

Another day, another dildo.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Richard Lees

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