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Teenager Wakes Up To Find He's Spent £3,500 On Night Out At Strip Club

Teenager Wakes Up To Find He's Spent £3,500 On Night Out At Strip Club

A fundraising page has been set up in his name

A teenager woke up with the hangover from hell after he racked up a £3,500 bill trying to 'live like Pablo Escobar' while enjoying a stag do.

Will Turton, 18, splashed his 'life savings' on a raucous night, with the majority of his money going on £120-a-time dances with women at the X In The City lap dancing club, in Liverpool.

But eventually the money ran out, and the teen's card was declined. He woke the next day with no recollection of what had happened, claiming he thinks his drink had been spiked.

After hearing about his eventful night, one thoughtful Facebook user set up a fundraising page to help the 'young legend' recoup his losses.

The damage.
Deadline News

The page was called 'The Will Turton idiot fund' and the man behind it all, Dwain Byrne, wrote: "Let's all muck together and try to soften the blow to this young legend."

He went on: "He spent / lost his life savings of 3.5k on some strippers, now Will has cried out that he was spiked, we think he just went nuts like an 18-year-old virgin would do in a strip joint.

"One thing is 100 and that is that the strip club took advantage of a young drunk lad and ripped him of his life savings that were for a car."

Luckily for us, one of Will's mates from his hometown of Doncaster, Ryan Curtis, was there on that fateful night to capture the moment his 'soul leaves his body' as he realised what had happened.

The aftermath.
Deadline News

The photos were then promptly posted online with a 'public announcement' by Nathan Gregory, who wrote: "Public announcement, anyone feeling down? A bit rough from last night? Here's something to cheer you up.

"A young Will Turton took part in a big boy stag do in Liverpool with Ryan Curtis and ended up in a strip club by himself at 4pm.

"Hours pass and he leaves the club roughly 1am feeling a bit worse for wear reckons he's been 'spiked' - turns out he's been living it large like a young Pablo Escobar getting dances off two, three, four birds at a time.

"The best part, each girl for every 30 minutes is £120 racking up a grand total of £3500. What a life lesson, see below images of a young man's soul leaving his body as he checks his online banking."

He woke up the next day with no recollection of what had happened.
Deadline News

The candid snaps show a fairly downbeat Will back in a hotel room the following day, unsure as to what has happened.

Another is a screenshot of Will's account, showing almost £500 being taken out in one transaction.

His friends shared his experience online.
Deadline News

Since it was shared online, Nathan's post has received more than 16,000 likes and has been shared more than 9,000 times.

Not everyone was as gutted as Will about the whole thing, however, with hundreds of amused Facebook users commenting on the post.

One person wrote: "Yup, that's a typical young Donny lad."

Another commented: "Haha serves him right."

LADbible has contacted X In The City for comment.

Will's fund can be found here.

Featured Image Credit: Deadline News/Facebook

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