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'UFO Wreckage' From 60 Years Ago Found In Cigarette Tin

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'UFO Wreckage' From 60 Years Ago Found In Cigarette Tin

Long-lost wreckage from a mini 'flying saucer' which is believed to have crash-landed in the UK in the 1950s has been found in a tin box in London's Science Museum. How exciting.

The small pieces from the 'Silpho UFO' were found stashed inside a cigarette tin inside a storeroom at the museum.

The small 'copper-bottomed flying saucer' was foundon Silpho Moor, north Yorkshire, back in 1957 and made headlines across the country - with some newspapers calling it the 'British Roswell'.

Credit: Mercury Press/Sheffield Hallam University
Credit: Mercury Press/Sheffield Hallam University

Tests were carried out on the saucer, which was 17-inches in diameter and weighted 14kg. It was found to be covered in weird hieroglyphics and inside there as 17-page book, made of copper, which had a 2,000-word message which was 'translated' by 'experts' who claim it said 'you will improve or disappear'. So, that's us told.

Dr David Clarke from Sheffield Hallam University saw the pieces of potentially-extra-terrestrial-scrap at the museum after giving a talk on - what else? - UFOs.

He said: "One of the museum staff tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was aware that 'bits of a flying saucer' had been kept in a cigarette tin in the museum group store for decades.

Credit: Mercury Press/Sheffield Hallam University
Credit: Mercury Press/Sheffield Hallam University

"I was absolutely amazed when later we opened the tin box and saw the wreckage. It was obvious these were the remains of the missing Silpho Saucer that some have claimed as Britain's answer to the famous Roswell incident.

"It's incredible to hear that pieces of this mystery object have been sitting in a museum archive for more than half a century."

But before we get too excited; years back, the remnants were sent off for testing by the National History Museum and Manchester University and it was discovered that the whole thing was an elaborate hoax.



Dr Clarke said: "It was tinkered with and sliced into tiny pieces to be examined by various people."

It's believed the fake spaceship was made from a hot water cylinder and had been planted on the moor to trick people.

Then again, these so-called tests could all be part of a massive government cover-up, couldn't they? I mean, why were the remains hidden in a ciggie box all these years, eh? The truth is out there, guys.

Featured Image Credit: Mercury Press/Sheffield Hallam University

Topics: UFO, uk news, Aliens

Claire Reid
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