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Punters raving about the ‘nicest Wetherspoons’ in the UK

Punters raving about the ‘nicest Wetherspoons’ in the UK

People are raving about a Wetherspoon's pub, branding it the 'nicest in the UK'

People are raving about a Wetherspoon's pub, branding it the 'nicest in the UK'.

Spoons. It's a staple of British culture and an essential before every night out - as well as the hungover next mornings.

While you may not always pay much attention to your surroundings as you blearily tuck into a Full English on a Saturday morning, filled with hangxiety from the night before, what happens if you do desire to look around and fancy experiencing 'the nicest' Wetherspoons in the UK?

If there's any news you needed to hear on a Saturday, then this it it.

Drum roll please.

The Velvet Coaster has been branded the UK's 'nicest Wetherspoons'.
JD Wetherspoon

The title of 'nicest' Spoons in the UK goes to The Velvet Coaster.

The pub is located at 501-507 Promenade in Blackpool, Lancashire and the 'form of the build was inspired by elements of the sea and the fact paced movement of the coaster which the building is named after,' as per JD Wetherspoons' website.

The original Velvet Coaster was an exciting new ride opened in the early 1900s.

"Its open carriages, with velvet seats, climbed a white wooden structure before sweeping down ‘humps’ and around ‘curves’ on two circuits of the track," the website continues.

The ride was later rebuilt in 1933, and is now named Nickleodeon Streak.

Fear not if rides aren't your thing, because you can take a trip to the Velvet Coaster pub instead - first opened in 2015.

The Velvet Coaster is located in Blackpool.
JD Wetherspoon

The Velvet Coaster has thousands of reviews on Tripadvisor and, at the time of writing, comes in at number 16 on the list for the best 'Quick bites in Blackpool'.

Rated as four out of five stars, the Spoons has received floods of positive reviews.

One Tripadvisor user wrote: "Great location on the beach. Lovely sunset views. Easy to get served. Staff clearing tables quickly. Visited each day of our stay. Better than the other Wetherspoons on the prom."

"One of the better Wetherspoons. Stayed in Blackpool for a few days and came here a few times, food good choice of beers good prices really reasonably and the location was good. Outside seating excellent especially as the weather was hot, the staff friendly and helpful would definitely recommend this place and next time we come to Blackpool we will definitely come here," another added.

TikTokers are raving about The Velvet Coaster.
TikTok/ @lisa.farrall

A third said: "Impressive Wetherspoons. It is one of the nicer Wetherspoons in the country, food was good, great service. Lots of laughter."

And a final resolved: "A Wetherspoons and then some! The coaster is a great building right on the front, the food is standard Wetherspoons but elevated by the view and lovely surroundings."

So, who fancies a trip to the beach?

Featured Image Credit: kevin walsh / Alamy / TikTok / @lisa.farrall

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