Woman Shares 72-Hour Rule That 'Solves All Arguments'


Woman Shares 72-Hour Rule That 'Solves All Arguments'

How many times have you had an absolute blowout with your significant other, over something so trivial that later you've realised it really wasn't worth it? A lot, right? Well, here's your solution - watch the video below:


Yep, we have some good news for you, as a woman has shared a piece of relationship advice that could help you avoid similar situations in the future.

In a post to her TikTok channel, Lottie Henderson shared something called the '72-hour rule'


The idea behind it is that it's important to take a breath when things are getting heated, to stop yourself from saying something you might regret - whether that's with a partner, a family member or a friend.

If it doesn't matter in 72 hours' time, it's probably not worth stressing yourself over.

Explaining it further, Lottie says: "If it doesn't matter after 72 hours, it never did.

"If you don't feel the need to react after 72 hours, don't.


"And if somebody knows you're hurting and hasn't been in contact for 72 hours, they don't care."

The simple piece of advice has struck a chord with Lottie's followers, many of whom said they were going to try and incorporate it into their own lives.

Credit: Lottie Henderson/TikTok
Credit: Lottie Henderson/TikTok

Commenting on the post, one user said: "Damn, this actually really helps. Thank you."


Another echoed these sentiments, writing: "Great advice."

"Never thought of it like that, thank you," put a third.

While another added: "Love it, new one for me."

Some, however, joked that 72 hours was a touch too long, and that they don't have that kind of patience.


One follower said: "I have this too but 72 seconds."

Another put: "You're generous, mine is 48 hours. This rule is gold, use it, people."

Now, one major cause of arguments among couples is the issue of infidelity.

A recent study found that men are actually more likely than women to forgive their partner after discovering they have been cheating.


Data from Ashley Madison, the infamous dating site for 'affairs and discreet dating', shows that women are less likely to turn the other cheek over incidents of infidelity.

The results emerged from a global study of 3,000 members of the married dating site.

The site revealed that 85 percent of female members had been forgiven over a previous affair, while the same could only be said for 80 percent of men.

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