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Woman Sums Up The Difference Between Drinking In The UK And US

Woman Sums Up The Difference Between Drinking In The UK And US

The cultural differences are never clearer than when it comes to alcohol

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A woman has pretty accurately summed up the differences between drinking in the US and the UK, in one nifty TikTok video. Watch below:

Writer and comedian Holly Hudson posted the clip on social media back in March, showing how transatlantic attitudes differ on what's appropriate when it comes to drinking .

Firstly, it appears there is a huge gap in our priorities. The first clip shows Holly, who goes by the name @holhuds on TikTok, playing someone from the US, who's very preoccupied with a personal training session.

Sensibly bearing the session in mind as Christmas drinks and even her birthday loom, she sticks with her plans, and declines bevs.

Somehow, she manages to have just one drink without succumbing to the temptation to go off the rails. Hmmmm.

Unheard of, surely.

Then Holly acts out the way a person from the UK deals with various drinking occasions.

With a painful degree of accuracy, work drinks quickly descend into the character planning to go into work the following day and tell someone - presumably her boss - that he can 'stuff his job'.

A Christmas party scene follows, with the character telling her mum not to argue with someone, while a children's party sees her accepting the extremely sound advice of drinking until you black out.

Wait, is Holly suggesting that Brits like a drink...?

Recently, we've seen a few TikTokers trying their hand at observational humour by pointing out the various cultural differences between the US and the UK.

Michelle King has embedded herself in the culture on this side of the pond, and she's shared a few food-based observations on TikTok.

She said: "Since living in the UK I've learnt something very important. There are two types of people: Branston beans people and Heinz beans people."

She added in a subsequent video: "So you know how in my last video I was talking about two types of people, with regards to beans?

"Well, there's another two types of people in the UK. There are people, who on their scones, put clotted cream and then jam. And then there are people who put jam and then clotted cream."

Michelle has also noticed how divisive the name assigned to a bread roll/butty/bap/barm/bun/cob can be.

She said: "Whatever you call this thing right here can make someone your best friend, or your worst enemy."

But it's not all bitter regional rivalry.

Michelle also outlined a few reasons why she loves living in the UK - mainly the insistence on flicking the kettle on all the time. And Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Holhuds

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