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​Woman Who Quit Job As Beautician Now Has Naked Cleaning Empire

​Woman Who Quit Job As Beautician Now Has Naked Cleaning Empire

She is able to charge anything from £55 to £75 for her cleaners’ services, depending on their level of nudity

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A woman who quit her job as a beautician to work as a naked cleaner now has her very own cleaning empire, employing a staff of 15 full-time workers.

Victoria Murphy, 25, launched her firm after graduating with a degree in events management.

The 25-year-old from Edinburgh is able to charge anything from £55 to £75 per hour for her cleaners' services, depending on their level of nudity.

Before singleton Victoria started recruiting her company, which is called Glimmer, she first tested the water by cleaning homes in Edinburgh in the nude.

"I didn't want to put my staff into any situation I had not experienced myself," she said.

Victoria Murphy, 25.
PA Real Life

Victoria was keen to start a business in the adult service sector with a unique selling point.

While working as a beautician, she first toyed with the idea of starting a webcam work business - though she had decided she wouldn't feature on camera herself.

She then stumbled across an American company offering a naked cleaning service and, feeling inspired, she soon launched Glimmer.

"I knew I wanted something which would be fun and risqué but not extreme," Victoria, who lives in Edinburgh with her pet Daschund Louis.

"We are not an escort service. What we offer is fun and flirty.

"When I did it for a while, I had a laugh and nothing untoward happened."

PA Real Life

Glimmer customers can opt for one of three tiers of adult cleaning.

A service in lingerie or underwear starts at £55 per hour, while topless cleaning will set you back £65 an hour.

The most expensive package, which includes the services of a completely naked cleaner, costs £75 for the hour.

"None of my staff ever have to do anything they don't feel comfortable with," Victoria added.

"The client will choose the option they prefer and I will match the cleaner to that choice."

Prospective employees haven't been put off by the dress code - or lack thereof - with Victoria receiving 100 applications the last time she advertised for recruits.

"The most important thing is that someone has professional cleaning experience.

"Then they need to have a good personality, because engaging with the client, chatting to them and feeling comfortable being naked is all part of what makes someone right for this role."

Glimmer promotional shot.

Victoria, who has 15 members of staff including three men, said Glimmer has 20 regular clients and a further 15 who book an occasional clean.

She admitted they have shattered her preconceptions about the type of client she imagined would use the service.

"I thought we'd get mostly professional working men in their forties but actually, the clients are much more diverse," she said.

"We've had some as young as 30 and others in their 80s. Many of them live alone and a lot of the older gentleman are quite lonely, so it's important the experience is fun and that the cleaners like chatting.

"We have male cleaners available but women asking for men isn't something that comes up a lot. We're definitely trying to work on that side of things and build it up.

"When I'm recruiting, I'm not worried about what people look like - as everyone has a different idea of what's attractive - but they do need to be presentable and body confident."

Despite the unorthodox, saucy concept, Victoria said her friends and family have been very supportive about the business she has set up.

"They understand this is my baby" she said. "I do spend a lot of time explaining to people that this is a serious cleaning business, too. We clean to a very high standard.

"Most people ask what the client does while the cleaner is working.

"They imagine they just sit there while the cleaner puts on a show, but that's not what we do.

"A lot of clients have never done anything like this before and are often quite shy.

"So the cleaner will chat and engage with them, but, most importantly, they'll get on with the job of cleaning the house."

Glimmer promotional shot.

Rather than putting leaflets through people's doors - which might come as a bit of a surprise for any families - Victoria uses social media and advertises in free listings.

Running her business single-handedly, Victoria has big ambitions for the future of Glimmer.

She's now even recruiting naked cleaners in Glasgow and Aberdeen, and has hopes to not only conquer Scotland, but also the rest of the UK.

"I do want to expand across the whole country but for now, we're expanding by offering Naked Party Hosting," she said.

Victoria also wants to branch out to offer Naked Handymen, which she believes will appeal more to women, as her current client list is mostly male.

"I am still working part-time as a beautician doing nails mostly, but I am determined to make a success of this business, so I do work really hard," she said.

"I do socialise with my friends and go out and I love taking Louis for a long walk, but I run every aspect of the business and so, truthfully, I have very little free time outside work."

Featured Image Credit: PA Real Life

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