Sky Axes The Chop As Contestant's Tattoos 'Could Be Connected To Far-Right Ideology'
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Woman's Knees Look Just Like EastEnders Brothers Grant And Phil Mitchell

Woman's Knees Look Just Like EastEnders Brothers Grant And Phil Mitchell

A woman has revealed that her knee caps shift and look just like Phil and Grant Mitchell from EastEnders when she stands up straight.

Holly Fairfax, 40, says if she flexes the muscles in her legs, the 'mouths' begin to move, making it appear as though the faces are talking to each other.

Speaking about her outlandish ability, Holly, from Braunton, Devon, said: "Years ago I noticed that my mum had faces in her knees and found it quite funny.


"I checked my own and realised they looked like two bald babies - or Phil and Grant Mitchell.

"This was several years ago and since then I'd forgotten about it really."

What do you think? Credit: SWNS
What do you think? Credit: SWNS

It's a trick she had forgotten about, until recently when she showed off her knees to a pal who was bowled over.


Holly said: "They were like, 'oh my God, that's amazing!' We got chatting about it and I made a couple of funny videos of them having conversations together - people seemed to find it funny."

People started asking Holly about her unusual skill, prompting her to 'get the Mitchells out'.

She said: "It's not always as good as it is in the videos - the lighting in my bedroom where I film them is just right.

"I've got them out at parties before and it just doesn't work - I look like a right lemon."

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Holly says she is considering the next chapter in her Mitchell brother knees story, with a few ideas being thrown around.

She said: "I'm thinking about launching a YouTube channel for them, but I'm not sure about the longevity.

Holly says her friends was very impressed by her knees. Credit: SWNS
Holly says her friends was very impressed by her knees. Credit: SWNS

"I think I'd have to come up with some funny sketches for them or introduce some new characters perhaps. But it could be really funny."


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We can't wait to see what wacky adventures Holly has in store for the two brothers.

Since leaving Walford, Ross Kemp - who played hard man Grant - has moved into the world of investigative journalism, travelling to some of the most dangerous parts of the world and speaking to some of its most dangerous people.

His most recent documentary, Welcome to Belmarsh, saw him confront former EDL leader Tommy Robinson - real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon - about life in solitary confinement.

The far-right activist, who had asked supporters to demonstrate outside the prison, broke down in tears as he spoke about his time in prison, despite having a television and being segregated from other prisoners.


Kemp said: "It's not solitary confinement as in terms of the 'cooler' - it's not a box with nothing in it.

"You've got a TV, you've got a kettle, but also do you not think by calling a demonstration that could possibly end in violence, that's helping your cause?"

But Yaxley-Lennon insisted: "It sends a message to the establishment that this doesn't work."

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