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Ulrika Jonsson slams Johnny Depp 'hypocrites' following standing ovation

Ulrika Jonsson slams Johnny Depp 'hypocrites' following standing ovation

Jonsson has hit out at Hollywood for 'fawning' over Johnny Depp

Ulrika Jonsson has slammed Hollywood 'hypocrites' over their recent reception of Johnny Depp.

Depp has become a divisive figure following his high-profile court case with ex-wife Amber Heard, who alleged that he had abused her during their relationship.

A UK court had also previously ruled against Depp in a libel case he brought against The Sun newspaper, finding that it was 'substantially true' that Depp was a ‘wife-beater’.

However, the jury unanimously found in favour of Depp, finding that what Heard wrote in her op-ed piece for The Washington Post was defamatory against him, with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor being awarded $15 million in damages.

But now, over a year on from the verdict, Ulrika Jonsson has hit out at those 'fawning' over Depp, who recently received a standing ovation during the premiere of his latest movie, Jeanne du Barry, at Cannes Film Festival.

Jeanne du Barry is Depp's first film since he stepped down from the Fantastic Beasts franchise in the wake of the defamation case.

Johnny Depp at this year's Cannes Film Festival.
Geisler-Fotopress GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

The film sees Depp playing French king Louis XV and was screened in Cannes on 16 May, receiving a seven-minute standing ovation.

Footage from the premier shows Depp hugging his co-star, appearing tearful.

In her column for The Sun, Jonsson referred to Depp's libel case against The Sun - which involved Heard giving evidence to back up the newspaper's claims.

A judge later found that 12 out of these 14 alleged domestic violence incidents had actually happened.

The TV presenter strongly criticised Hollywood for welcoming Depp back 'into the fold' following the case, writing: "The list of men who have succeeded in recovering their careers after claims of abuse, violence and drug-taking is nigh-on endless."

She added: "The adulation for Depp was not entirely due to his acting performance as critics seem divided about his portrayal of Louis XV, so it has to come down to a heartfelt welcome back into the fold."

Ulrika wasn't finished there, however, with her also criticising how Depp has not had to show any 'signs of rehabilitation'.

Ulrika Johnson has slammed the 'hypocrites' who have been supporting Depp.
Ken McKay /ITV / Shutterstock

She wrote: "As if winning his case of defamation against Heard, who gave countless examples of his atrocious conduct and made allegations of violent, coercive, denigrating and manipulative behaviour wasn't enough, people are now — literally — rolling out the red carpet for Depp. He's a hero.

"He hasn't even had to show any signs of rehabilitation — they just love Johnny.

"And yet, this was the man who — among other things — talked in texts about wanting to rape his wife, burn her body and drown her to make sure she was dead. He claimed they were made in jest."

A representative for Johnny Depp declined to comment.

Featured Image Credit: Ken McKay / ITV / Shutterstock / FranceTV / Cannes Film Festival

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