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Una Healy ‘haunted’ by David Haye Sian Osborne image as she denies ‘throuple’ rumours

Una Healy ‘haunted’ by David Haye Sian Osborne image as she denies ‘throuple’ rumours

She admits dating Haye

Former girl band member Una Healy has confessed that she's 'haunted' by a picture of herself, former heavyweight boxer David Haye and his model partner Sian Osborne that sparked rumours the trio were in a three-way relationship.

The speculation surrounding the ex Saturdays star began on Valentine's Day when Haye shared an image of the two women on a beach.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to the beautiful Queens in my life, making my world a better place to live in!,” he captioned the image of the two standing alongside him wearing black swimwear while holidaying in Marrakech, Morocco.

Healy deleted all traces of Haye on her social media a week later.

While she admits to previously dating Haye, the 41-year-old said that she's confused about where the rumours that she was also in a relationship with Sian came from, adding that the photo was completely innocent and simply featured two people that she knows.

Una Healy claims she was never in a throuple.

Speaking on Angela Scanlon’s Ask Me Anything podcast on Saturday (3 June), she claims that after first hearing the rumours, she had to Google what the term 'throuple' meant.

For those not in the know, a throuple is a three-way relationship, which is described as 'domestic' and 'committed' - it typically involves a 'traditional marriage between a man and woman along with another individual'.

The host said to her guest: “Right listen, Una, we are going to get this out of the way. The word throuple. I didn’t know what the word meant.”

The mother-of-two admits: “I was linked to this word, throuple. If you Google that word, a picture of me and a black bikini will come up.”

She adds about being 'haunted' by the photo in question: "I think I need to put this whole thing to bed right now and move on. The only throuple that I am in, is me, myself and I."

The former popstar also claimed to be a 'monogamous person' on the My Therapist Ghosted Me podcast last month - stating that she was only ever romantically involved with Haye, who she met via a dating app.

She clarified: “Dating him is the right term, because that’s how it was. It wasn’t a throuple. I met him last summer, online, on a dating app.

"He was very honest that I wasn't the only woman he was seeing, I was very aware he was seeing other people. I knew he was being honest and it's not like I was being cheated on.

“The honesty was there and I found that attractive. I remember on the flight over he was in the middle seat and he had one hand on her leg and one hand on mine.”

Osborne and Haye got together in 2020, while Healy started dating him last year.

Osborne later shared a montage of several pictures of herself and Healy - including one from the same holiday - simply captioned: “The truth will set you free," alongside a rainbow emoji.

Haye commented on the post with the eyes emoji.

LADbible has reached out to David Haye, Sian Osborne and Una Healy's reps for comment.

Featured Image Credit: @unahealy/@davidhaye/Instagram

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